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So! Sunday we went to San Bruno … why? Even I am not too sure. I guess it was just an excuse to look around and not write papers or whatnot. At least on Nancy's part.

So because we wanted to leave early and Nancy had yet to do her laundry, we did laundry on Saturday evening. It wasn't busy but there were people in there..who were lazy and had left their stuff in the washers or dryers.

I washed my red top - I was going to wear that to the Career Center but I found that it was stained and so I had to wash it.


Anyways! We got up "early" and since the mall doesn't open until 11:00 we took our time and wandered off to catch the #28 to BART. Once down at San Bruno we decided to eat first then go to the mall. So it was off to Red Robins...MAN that place was B-U-S-Y! The Last time we went it was really busy too. I don't remember if we went on a weekend or not...the first time we went I think it was like on a Tuesday and it was like dead.


SO! We dropped by Ulta, checked prices on a few things.

I picked up some lashblast luxe for the con. I dunno. I wanted something that would make my lashes longer and curl them but I also wanted the glitterines of the luxe…so I dunno.


I am thinking about doing the Lauren Luke Avril Lavigne look. If I can get it onto my mp3 player I'll take it with me to the con. I'd love that look for one of the plaid skirts.


Mentalshiver also had a tutorial on a red and black goth look that I really liked too.


Then we wandered off to Target and BOUGHT the things we saw at Ulta for way less. lol
Since I bought Nancy two (or three) nail pens, she bought me a pink backpack! YAY >.>
Yeah I nancy is like "I can't belive you wanted a PINK one!"
It's small..."made of a woman". I like it. I can fit everything into it. AND the keyboard..AND the camera AND my journal AND pens AND a sweater AND all the other odds and ends I take with me. So I am happy!
We also picked up more traveled sized stuff.  Face wash, lotions, wipes things like that. It adds up though! oo! this is .79 cents! and this is .,70 cents! and this is .50 cents! 
Get up to the register and you've spent like $100!

There wasn't much at San Bruno we wanted so we just went through it and then came home.


Later on that night after watching a few more tutorials Nancy agreed to buy the 74 palette from Coastal Scents! Yay! Shadows to play with!

I broke down and ordered the 13 piece brush set. *wahhh!*

AND I also bought those shoes at Street-moda  >.<


Oh well…



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