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Remember a few months ago when I wrote:  " the newly opened Super Wal-Mart that just opened down the road. It replaces the old Wal-Mart that is closing to be remodeled. The place is huge. Unless its something really special I don't anticipate going often."

OMG! I had no idea that I was writing a LIE!!!
We go almost EVERY FREAKIN DAY!!  Its on the way home and dad is always saying...I have a list...I need bananas and milk..and I won't be long.
Well at least we go at like 5 am in the one is there. It's open 24 hrs. so...yeah
AND they reopened the other Wal-mart in town. yay.
Now we have TWO 24 hr Walmarts.

Recently Salinas was named No. 18th most miserable city in the COUNTRY!!!

yeah....I feel dirty.

*skulks off.

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Well it's that time of year again! National Novel Writing Month is just 16 days away!
I haven't quite started on setting up Book 2 of the Academy series, but I have a rough idea of what I want to do and where I want to go with it. My main problem will be writing about a subject I know nothing about.  Thankfully I have Arra around so I can pick her brain.
My main character's name is Taylor this time around. Her parents are going through a very NASTY divorce! Put on top of that her psychic abilities, her father's disbelief that his daughter has abilities, the constant fighting between her parents, a separation from her home in New York and her beloved older brother, and being "the new girl" life's not easy for our dear Taylor.

I have yet to figure out her ability...and I have to move all my Academy notes into the new notebook. I really slacked off and haven't been doing that. I was trying to do a little bit every day a few months ago.
And then FF14 came out..and well...what? There is life off the internet?
FF14 is going to be the BIGGEST distraction this year when it comes to NaNo.
That and I am going to try and write outside of my normal writing comfort zone. I normally love to write around 10 pm when the house is quite and the 'rents are all tucked up in bed.  If i get on a roll I can write for a good solid 2 hrs before I loose my train of thought and get tired.
However I have my job to consider this year. It starts at 1:45 am!
I am gonna need to sleep sometime! So I may try and write earlier..around like. now! 8 pm or whatnot.
I am hoping to get into some sort of rhythm.

Also I may try a different writing program this time around.
Last year I used and won with, Q10. I love the typing sound effects! I like that it was a complete, blocks out the screen and makes you WRITE type of program.
This year I am going to try and do the planning with Page Four.
Also if they have a discount this year, I'd love to try out and maybe purchase Liquid Story Binder.
Scrivner is coming out with Scrivner for Windows! it's not in beta it's gonna probably be buggy as hell. But if we win we get a 50% discount on the "finished" product which will come out next year!  OOOO Tempted!

They've been running word sprints pretty much all October long. I have been bad an haven't been participating. I should! oh well.

I better quit whining and just start setting up! These next two weeks are all about getting the characters in order, and scenes hammered out. A vague outline like last year worked pretty well. Although I didn't quite finish with Book One it has holes I need to fill in. Scenes that never got typed up.
Looking forward to 2010!

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Well not really. Actually its Thursday but I got paid today.
This morning Mom and I went to the newly opened Super Wal-Mart that just opened down the road. It replaces the old Wal-Mart that is closing to be remodled. The place is huge. Unless its something really special I don't antisipate going often. The parking lot is just too small for the amount of ppl who shop there. Fortunatly I guess, its open 24 hrs. . .

In other news, I was selected as a Beta tester for FFXIV! so excited although i dunno if my current rig can handle it. I'll have to talk with my computer guy and see if i can upgrade my system.

I'm sure there is other news...I have still to do my write up of Fanime 2010. It was a great con and i had a ton of fun and bought lots of stuff. Happy days.
I want to try and go to yaoi con but its so far away...maybe. I'll ask the rents. I have to pre reg soon. weekend tickets are 55 dollars right now.

well its almost 7 p and i gotta go to bed. gotta get up in 7 hrs or so. work.
chat you soon.
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I love YouTube...and I love this song!

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Birth of a Nation. That should be forgotten in the annals of movie history.
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I've kept out of this whole. Tiger is a cheater and sex maniac.

Tell you the truth, I don't care what he does off the greens.
Truth be told, I really don't like Golf. I'll watch it if he's in contention but I won't bother if he's not. I find the whole thing boring.

But I like Tiger Woods the Golf player. Eldrick "Tiger" Woods the person...I don't know him.
I am watching his interview at the Press Tent right now...God he looks so young! But lord his shoulders are HUGE.


All I want to "Say" is: Focus Tiger. Focus and WIN!
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2010 Script Frenzy is on the horizon!
I've gone insane and have checked out all the Ian Flemming books out of the library!
My script idea is stellar! I dunno if I have the skills to actually bring it to life but I am going to give it shot.
As for my script idea? I can't tell you that. When script frenzy is over I'll tell you what it's about. Anyways, I've checked out books on screenwriting and I am trying to get the library writing group all excited about it. I think the bug bit the library lady; she's a bit excited about it now.


I am loving my new phone! People are all like: Why did you get an Android phone?! Why didn't you get an iphone?!
I didn't want an i'phone.
I wanted one that ran on Android.
And the Cliq offered the things I wanted most. Access to my email (gmail) and text messaging, and web and that's all I use on it really. I do have a few apps on it that I am hoping to use for Fanime but other than that...why would I need an iphone?


Okay I am done for now. I'll try and post more often!
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All these Earthquakes are making me a little nervous.
Japan has a good shake down. Then Chile. And now Taiwan.
We live on a northbound plate...I think we should check to see if we're prepared for a shaker...

I am just saying.
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got a new phone! it's a motorola cliq via t-mobile. so far so good. the keyboard takes a bit to get used to but it will be wonderful to take to fanime. which reminds me i have to buy my pass. Got the reservation for the Hilton so joy! Anyways this is just a test of the livjournal app for this phone.
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And that's all you need to know.

It's Horse of the YEAR. Not horse of one race.
Go Rachel!
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The owners or Zenyatta did a really shitty thing.

They "claimed" That she was retired...that her trainer was only exercising her because "She's a large mare! Big mare with lots of energy! you have to get rid of it somehow. It's too COLD in Kentucky to send her there for breeding."


What they DID Was make sure Rachel Alexandra - who is the RIGHTFUL 2009 HORSE OF THE YEAR - Wouldn't get the award.


BECAUSE They announced that Zenyatta ISN'T going to be retired and WILL run again in 2010! TWO DAYS BEFORE the Eclipse Award Announcement will be made!

That is so low down.

Why not tell the voters BEFORE all the ballots are sent back with the vote?
You know that if Zen does will HOTY it's not for her 2009 campaign which frankly was WEAK in comparison to Rachel's. It's for her WHOLE Career! It was to be a nice "You did well girl! Here is your trophy! We so love you! Good luck in your retirement!"


They kept her status a secret to STEAL Rachel's Award. Do you honestly belive that she would have been given HOTY if the voters knew that she was going to keep running in 2010?!
NO Because Rachel had BY FAR the superior racing year! Her stats outshine Zen's by a mile.

This is just so aggravating.

I just hope the two finally meet and put this whole crappy debate to rest.
If she comes back at 100% Rachel will beat Zenyatta.
There is no doubt in my mind.
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TOTAL WORD COUNT: 1,250/150,000

Yeah...I know.
BUT I got off to a slow start in Nano too, but I won that. So All I have to do is hit my two day total and I should be okay.
It doesn't help that I've got this new sleep schedule is all messed up.

It would also help if my characters had names. I have a vague idea of who they are, what race they are, and how they fit into the plot over all...but other than that...I really don't know them.
I've really got to "Build" the world and test out in my mind, if some of the situations I am going to be putting them in are valid.
I've picked the names Lorelei for the human sister and Chanti for the Halfling sister. I'll change them cause I don't like them right now...but I am desperate!

So! Tomorrow is another day....
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and surprisingly it fought back!

My grand Victory which was suppose to be on 11/23 didn't come until today 11/25.

I just didn't want to quit writing I guess.
I really loved the community of the forums and the twitter feds, and sharing my nano'ing experience with the HF girls.

I WILL have to keep writing through December though, because the story itself isn't finished. I did get my 50,000 but it's very holey. I want a better "finished" first draft.

And then I am really eager to get started on the NEXT draft! OMG! I have so many ideas of where and what I want to do with this!
A new Talent has shown up!
A potential tween romance!
A real BIG break up. More tweeny flirting with the "big boys".

Well tomorrow is US Turkey Day so I'll have to get up "Early" and help out. bah.
I'll also have to clean up my little area here where I created the first of hopefully many The Academy books.

To everyone who has been following my struggles rest assured I have survived and I really wish I had done this earlier. God NaNoWriMo is my new reason for writing!

See you in April for Script Frenzy! I've got a KILLER Script!!!

Is Dead

Nov. 23rd, 2009 07:36 pm
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. . .
I'll post later...when I can feel my hands.
Yay! go team.
*waves a little "Literary Illuminati Superstar" flag and passes out.
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That's right! I am at 45,260. HAHAHAHAHA
I typed up 4,828 words TODAY. That's a lot for me.
I've been pretty careful in keeping track of my word count. What I have, what the official word count is, what I would like to have, and how many words I need to add to make up the difference.

This method had worked out pretty well for me.
As long as I had a number to shoot for, I was able to aim at it and got it.

So the official word count for 22nd day is 36,674.
for day 23: 38,341.
Blew By You!
For my own "desired word count" Day 22: 42,670 and Day 23: 44,670.
I haven't quite caught up to day 24 which is 46,670.

I am going to TRY and hit another marathon day, do a lot of word sprints and get the 4,740 words I need to WIN 2009 NaNoWriMo!

I may win and get the 50,000 words, but my "book" isn't finished.
I am depressed. *sighs
I swear I am manic depressive.
I don't know how many more words I need to finish this story. Another...? 40k? 50k?! God I hope not.
So I will be participating in NaNoFinMo this year and trying to wrap it up.
Then I shall save my work in 3 different places and toss it into a drawer and not look at it again for a few weeks.

I am so looking forward to not having to sit here and type.
At least I beat John Green :P

Nerdfighters are made of awesome...but some have chewy centers!

Okay I am off to bed, because I didn't get a full night's sleep last night.
And then tomorrow...Tomorrow we CLAIM VICTORY!!!!!

And then I have to wait for the 25th for the word count validator to go officially online >.<
Might even go to the write-in...maybe not. I dunno.

Yay! I won! I won! I Won National Novel Writing Month! (pending)
Go ME!!!
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It is day 17.
Today's Offical Goal is: 28,339
My own Word Count Goal is: 32,670
I currently have: 29,313

I am going to have to do more word wars!!!
I did like three last night and got 3600 words and my hands hurt! BUT I really need to catch up to my Goal.

Here's the Unofficial NaNoWriMo Theme song by Italktosnakes

I am just too lazy and untalented to do vloging. Heck I hardly do Blogging!

Today I am working on the climax of my story. If I can get the end done, I can go back and do the middle part. I still feel like I am stuck in the "start-up" although I've hurried it up a bit.
I am zooming through the first week, but I have 3 or 4 months to sketch in too. This story is going to be longer than 50k when everything is all said and done. Chris says that there will be another 5 to 10k added to your novel when you revise it.
*crestfallen look*
But at least I won't be hurried to stuff it all in during November!

Okay, no more procrastinating, I am off to do a timed write.
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I am whining!

I shouldn't whine because I am on Official Nano Target. I have 21,671 words. yay

I WANT 22,670 tonight for Thursday. *sighs

My problem is I've run out of scenes. Well, no I think I might be able to work on the lunch room scene and the one where Colton is picking on Alejandro.

I wrote the one where Alejandro "introduced" himself.
And the one where Grace see the Upper school uniforms for the first time. uhm...but other than that I am tapped.

I have a list of things, conflicts, for Grace to overcome but I haven't worked them all in yet.

Yesterday I tinkered a little bit with the Climax. I need to figure out how I want to get rid of the Shadow creature.
Do I want to kill it or just banish it?

I also need to think up a name for Grace's after school tutor.

I've also come to the decision that Stone is gay. The tutor will be his lover. But none of that will be explicit in the story.
They'll just be "good friends" >.>
yeah...I don't know how far a publishing house will let me go when it comes to that sort of relationship.

For Day 12
Official Nano Word Count: 20,004
My Desired Word Count: 22,670

For Day 13
Official Nano Word Count: 21,671
My Desired Word Count: 24,670

I am not going to be here Saturday. I have to go up to SF, so I might miss a day. I need those extra words!

I BARELY have 21,037. So I am short of the Nano goal by 634.
What to make those 634 words be...?
I don't know.
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hello there! Hello there!

I am in a pretty good mood considering.
I decided to toss my hat into the ring and am participating in Nanowrimo this year.
It's going pretty well.

Last week I yo-yo'ed a bit off the back. Would do my word count and then be behind 600 words or so on top of the 16667 that was required to keep on track. But I stuck it out. Even fought through not writing on Nov 1st (I wrote 4163 words on Monday to keep up) and just staying at the Word Count through the weekend.

And then Monday something weird happened. I decided that I wanted to write 2000 words! I've been fighting to write a bit of a word cushion so that I could take a day off sometime in the future. It is November which means we'll be making tamales this month for Christmas Eve.

My natural inclination is to write late at night when it's dark and the house is quiet. Everyone (Read: my parents) are tucked away in their rooms and everything is settling down to go to sleep.
This is when I am naturally at my most creatively productive. Thanks to quiet time I've been able to keep up with the Word count. Not surpass it as of yet, but at least I haven't fallen behind.

So Monday instead of writing 15003 words I wrote 16250 words. Today I am shooting for 18670 words all together. If I am able to keep up the pace of 2k words everyday I should have my 50,000 words done on Thanksgiving.
"Dear God, I am thankful for finishing Nanowrimo early! Thanks for the food."

Will it happen? I dunno. I probably will take off two days - Tamale day and Thanksgiving - but it could happen. I am looking forward to it.
Earlier during week one, I wasn't as fired up as some of the nano'ers. There was no bursting out of the starting blocks. If it wasn't for the fact I felt like crud on Sunday the 1st I would have probably just typed up my 1667 words and called it a day. I HAD to type of 4k words just to keep up. the next day I typed up 5,048.
Wednesday I went up to 8382.
Thursday I didn't do anything
Friday I had to play catch up and go up to 10002 then stopped. Saturday was breeder's Cup day I don't know if I did anything much that day.
Sunday...ah lovely Sunday I had 11,677 words when it was all said and done.
on the 9th, I jumped up to 16250 at the end of writing.
So today on the 10th the goal is for 18670.

Today also is the FIRST Smack Down at The Cube!
The Salinas Library has decided to pump up the excitement of Nano by creating a writing space at the library for us struggling writers.
They are also providing us with literary bloodsport! ^.^
Today we are invited to the First of 3 Nano Literary SmackDown Events @ 5 pm at the Lirary, followed by a Nano Meet and Greet from 6 to 8.
Our Chief of Police will challenge the Assistant City Attorney to 30 mins of writing in "The Cube".
So we'll watch the letters fly as they trade literary barbs... I
Whatever it should be fun!

I am not doing anything right now...the house is too noisy. Too bright and my arm warmers (my writing totems) are drying on a line outside. So I am not prepared to write, right now.
I'll pack up and head off to the library around 4 or so, get a good seat. *snickers

I hope that if you're doing Nano this year that you're having lots of good luck and having fun with this.

I am fortunate that the 'rents have been very supportive of my writing endeavor. Thanks Rents!

Okay I'll write more about Nano and my "dreams and aspirations" regarding it later. I'll even share my opinion about the "cool prizes!"

Best Wishes!
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Hello there! Hello there!

I am the proud author of 4,000 + words! yay!
I am rather puffed up proud of myself. I didn't write a single sentence (complete at least) on Sunday. I got back from the World Fantasy con feeling like I had caught a cold or something. My sinuses hurt and my throat was scratchy.
I've been downing Vitamin C like it's going out of style.
The good news is that my sniffles are being held at bay. and the Better News is that I made up the 1,669 word count and caught up to and surpassed the 3,334 day two word count!

SO, tomorrow the goal is to hit 6000 words and be ahead of the 5,001 word count.
I think I can do it.

Wednesday is a write-in in Monterey. I've been meaning to go but like I said, I am a germ carrier right now, and I thought I would be nice and not expose my fellow nano'ers to my icky bugs.

The World Fantasy con was...interesting.
It was an "Adult" con. The Thrum was very much different than Fanime. I like the fanime exuberance better. I love books, and really enjoyed the panels.
It was nice to see Naamen and meet so many new ppl.
I may try to go to another one sometime. We'll see.

Okay I am done I think, I am going to poke at my story for a bit. Truth be told I think it's crap but as long as I produce I guess I should be happy. It will all work itself out I am sure as we go a long.
I do sort of feel that I've lost my plot. I know it's there's just getting buried under all the: And then Grace did this. And then Patty did that.
I guess...I am just "building" right now.
I was hoping to get all of this "set up" Stuff in chapter one but I might have to break it up into two chapters and introduce Stoney in Chapter Three...*meh!
Oh well he may make more of an impact with a delayed entrance.

Okay off to bed.
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yeah...I am home.
So not happy!

oh well hopefully it will be just temporary as we (Nancy, TJ, and I) have plans to move to LA sometime in Jan or Feb of 2010!
We need money for it though..and TJ has no job, Nancy is working on her Masters, and I got shuttled home.
and I want to buy a car. >.<
Yeah...can you imagine the car payments, insurance, on top of the student loan and normal monthly expenses?

SO to make myself feel better about my situation I decided that I would participate in the annual NaNoWriMo!

I must be insane! Maybe I can get Arra to join me, although I seriously doubt it because she's still hurt and her sister will probably be having the baby in Oct.

Being home kinda sucks. I mean there's no rent to worry about but then there is stuff I can't do. like watch and read my videos and fanfic. *sulks
They're funny that way. I have NO ROOM in this place and there is no basement so I won't be living there. I have a nice little room but my computer is now in the living room. UGH!
Tuesday I have a dr's appointment after that if I am given a moderately clean bill of health it's time to go look for a job.

I need to make $3k for a down payment on a car. Plus registration and insurance. but I'am going to need a car if we move to LA and THAT I want to make happen.
TJ is desperate to get out of Virgy Beach. How quickly that changed. I wonder how much time he has left on his lease, I should ask...

Anyways, home again home again jiggity jig!


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