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Jun. 13th, 2009 09:49 am
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I came up with a new idea! Actually it's an old idea but I think I finally have an idea (the core of the plot ie. the reason why) all hammered out to MY satisfaction.
It's going to be a Neji/Sasuke fic...blatantly borrowed for Hellagoddess's work: "Wide of the Mark". I dunno where she went. I've emailed and "reviewed" that story a few response.
So, I decided that since I like the idea of Neji/Sasu I'd rework it and post it.

The only part that is the same is that it will be Neji/Sasu and Sasuke will be "hidden" in the sexy no jutsuu with a henge on top. The rest of it is all mine.
What makes it hard is the time line...
1) where to put it in cannon?
There really isn't much room to squeeze it in before Sasuke makes a break for it and rushes off to Orochimaru OR place it totally AU and have it set in a time where it's after the timeskip and Sasu comes back to Konoah and right now, in the cannon story line, I don't see that happening.
2)  In cannon Sasuke is 13 and Neji is 14 so that makes the whole "consummation of the marriage" scene tricky...and probably illegal in many places. >.<
But if you place it after the timeskip Sasu is 16 and Neji 17, which is more reasonable...However it doesn't work for the cannon storyline.

However if I place it before the timeskip it would "explain" why Sasu is considered a missing Nin.
It would make the neji/sasu relationship more believable.
It allows both characters to grow emotionally and mature together instead of apart and separated.
And it would "help" when Sasu pops up again in his natural form.

My next "problem" is...where to post it?
I am thinking here. and maybe AFF and Fanfic net (maybe) the whole age thing though is a stumbling block. To make it fit in cannon it has to be placed prior to the timeskip.
I could make it AU but...those don't appeal to me as a reader, why would I post one as a writer?
So it's going to be as close to cannon as I can put it.

So! Be prepared for near death experiences!
Hokages who have to cover up missing nins!
Starcrossed "lovers" and embryo transfers!'s gonna be a weird hybrid-mpreg but I LIKE MPreg so nyeh! on anyone who turns their nose up at it. :P

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oh my god.
I watched midnight madness which included uh...Fisting the North Star which was OMG I can't believe they did that!
And then I watched the full Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series AND the movie. Just so that I could watch Redeath Redux! I left the viewing room at 5 back to the room and slept for oh I dunno 2 hrs. almost 3 hrs.
omg I am SO tired.
I was wandering around after stumbling out of the viewing room and there were people still up wandering around. We're insane.
I think I have a cold. my feet hurt and my head is like ow.
I am so tired! But there is anime to be viewed and things to be bought! And cute skirts to be worn!
So I am gonna get dressed and head back to the I am tired. I think I'll go eat first so that means leaving "Everything" here.

okay.. I am up. went down to Jack in the box...I get recit #363 and then the guy calls out 367...and then he sees me standing there and is like...what number at you. and I tell him 363...and he's is your sandwich.'re 4

So after that I went back to the con sat down and ate it...well most of it and then uhm...went into the dealers room with my $160 dollars.
I went on a complete Sasuke tear! I got a charm for my phone with a cute Sasuke and I got a poster which is TO DIE FOR with him on it with Itachi, Orochimaru, and Kabuto. And then I got a wall scroll with him at Valley of the End in the second stage of his curse seal and Chidori. AND I got a Voltron Lion Force T Shirt! SQUEEEE
And then I went to Artists alley which was really cool but I didn't want to use up all my money so I only got a few things there. And I got Arra some anime ears. I am going back to get a different set of ears cause they're cool!
man I am tired...I am going to rest a bit and then go back and see if I can't find those ears but right now I am going to rest my body and feet and just veg for a while.

So I went to bed around 1:30 or so..and woke up at 6:45 and am getting ready to go back out. yay! Going to watch videos and then come back and rest.
so back out to watch zombie loan. I am so looking for that when I get back.
And now it's's suppose to be AMV's that should have made the top 100 but the folder is empty!!!
So looks like it's "Phoenix Wrong instead, which I've never seen but I am willing to give it a try.
And if it's not too good we'll just go get some hot water and drink tea then go lay down.
This has been a real good con! I've had a lot of fun and now have Sasuke dangling from my cell phone ^^
I'll txt naamen tomorrow and see how well his con went..


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