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Dumb Dumb Dumb!

I just saw a couple of really stupid kids.
They aren't really kids…but when you do what they did...yeah you can call them stupid kids.

I was sitting in the living room waiting for the water to heat when I hear this sound like a slap or a belt strike. And I am like..What the hell! I get up and move over into the kitchen to try and see anything. I can't but I do hear yelling. But I can't see who is yelling either.
But they getting louder and more profane as time goes on. I dunno how long it lasted..maybe ten minutes.
Lots of male yelling: So it's all my F*cking fault?! It's all my F*cking fault! It's always my *blankity blank fault!
And the girl screams back: You broke my hand!
Then she did a smart thing...she walked away. But then he screams and yells at her to come back..and the stupid bint COMES BACK!
*shakes head in disgust

Then theres some screaming about talking with other people while with her. And Him saying stuff about her keeping time with other guys. And Her saying stuff like…oh you gonna throw that in my face? I didn't do nuthin! I had the opportunities but I never followed up on any of them. I am not the one who has been talking to this other Female for months! (have I mentioned I hate it when ppl use male and female if not look up the blog post)

Meanwhile he's jumping up and down and slapping his chest and carrying on…what in the hell did they expect?
OF COURSE Someone is gonna call the cops!
And I swear they all showed up. The only one who didn't show up was the K-9 cop. I am putting this into a book!

I think the first guy to run down was a State campus cop. I think he drew his weapon. I tried not to lean out the windows not to be spotted I am very ninja'ie that way!.
Anyways! All the cops and they put the guy in hand cuffs while he and his lady (uh huh) are all SHOCKED! SHOCKED That the cops have showed up.
What in the hell did they think was gonna happen with him going about being like a silverback gorilla and her crying her eyes out.
And then they'zs all offended that someone cared enough about her well being to call the cops!
Like duh!~ What did they expect was gonna happen?!
This neighborhood has been relatively quite the past two years here. This is first real big blow out of this sort we've gone though.

Then they were all like: We were just having an argument! Which they were…and I don't think he put hands on her. But she should have kept walking and let him scream and yell. Then he wouldn't be in the back of a cop car…and she wouldn't be out there talking to the cops and being all "oh my god this is so embarrassing. " and "oh my god…who do you think you are to stick your nose in my business"
Well honey! If you don't air your Buizness in the freaking PUBLIC no one would have called the cops! Pwned!

So I think they're taking him away and she's gonna…do whatever it is girls in this situation do.
And don't glare at me like that! I didn't call the cops…I was going to…but like I said I don't think he put hands on her. If he had I would have called then.

Just another wonderful day at the Wonder Cave!


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