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yeah...I am home.
So not happy!

oh well hopefully it will be just temporary as we (Nancy, TJ, and I) have plans to move to LA sometime in Jan or Feb of 2010!
We need money for it though..and TJ has no job, Nancy is working on her Masters, and I got shuttled home.
and I want to buy a car. >.<
Yeah...can you imagine the car payments, insurance, on top of the student loan and normal monthly expenses?

SO to make myself feel better about my situation I decided that I would participate in the annual NaNoWriMo!

I must be insane! Maybe I can get Arra to join me, although I seriously doubt it because she's still hurt and her sister will probably be having the baby in Oct.

Being home kinda sucks. I mean there's no rent to worry about but then there is stuff I can't do. like watch and read my videos and fanfic. *sulks
They're funny that way. I have NO ROOM in this place and there is no basement so I won't be living there. I have a nice little room but my computer is now in the living room. UGH!
Tuesday I have a dr's appointment after that if I am given a moderately clean bill of health it's time to go look for a job.

I need to make $3k for a down payment on a car. Plus registration and insurance. but I'am going to need a car if we move to LA and THAT I want to make happen.
TJ is desperate to get out of Virgy Beach. How quickly that changed. I wonder how much time he has left on his lease, I should ask...

Anyways, home again home again jiggity jig!


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