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Nancy's out doing a walk about in North beach. So I am left at the apartment watching Gypsy; not that I mind. I love the dog.

I am on this medication though that makes me nauseous and dizzy and just..I want to lay down but it says on the bottle not to lay down for up to 30 minutes after taking it.

So as you can probably guess, I am not in the best of moods.

I keep 2 pillows on my bed because I sleep on my side and I like to have my pillows a little higher so my shoulders won't hurt…well guess what? The bottom pillow I use has been lost. I have no clue what happened to it. So now my shoulder is KILLING me! It hurts, it hurts! So I am going to have to get another pillow tomorrow (Sunday) but then again I've been saying I am going to go get a new pillow now for a week or so and I still haven't done it.

My newest obsession right now is working on my myspace page, setting up a Facebook page, and tinkering with Linkedin.
All of this in hopes of finding a job..and starting networking so as to start this "Career" (imagine little cherubs and cherry petals) I am also want to rework my resume. I have come to the conclusion that I know more and have more experience than I first think that I do. But my problem is…in a resume you're suppose to list your abilities in rank of what job you performed them at. And it's been a while since I was working. So I can always remember what situations, abilities, and experiences go with which job.
I just happened to look at CNET website to see if they had any jobs and they do have a postion for an Administrative Assistant and looking at it I know I could probably do it but I don't feel that my resume says that "YES! This is the person you want to hire!"

I've also missed the "Make the interview count" seminar twice now >.<
The second time it was because it took too long to get back up here to SF. I left Gilroy at 10 am and got up here at like 2:30 pm…so I was tired. I even cat napped on the train that's how drained I was.

I WAS able to finish up Exit Counseling for the Finaid. So I feel good about that. Now I am waiting for the ATT&T bill. *sighs*
I need to get a job…I am going to go and sign up with a temp agency. Now it's even more important since I signed up for famine 2008! I got onto the forums and found out that they had the hotels up online, so I decided to see if I could make a reservation even though it's like 70 days away…and both the Marriott and the Hilton are BOOKED SOLID. So I got a reservation at the Fairmont. Although I could have gotten a room at the Clarion which is just across the street. The Fairmont is down the street and around the corner, but that may be good. I won't have to battle the elevators although I will have to get up earlier and get back later because of the walk.

It don't matter! I'AM EXCITED!!! I am going to famine! It now makes it imperative that I Get a job so I can pay for the room which is going to run around $500.
Yeah...that's a lot of money but it's cheaper than what I would pay if I wasn't going through the famine housing thing. So I need another $100 to $200 more on top of that for food and the Dealer's room which I have yet to really go into and BUY something. Maybe I can even hit artist's alley which I haven't done yet either. I am so excited about this!
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I got my diploma today. I think I am more "teary" About the damn thing than anyone else in my family.

I also bought a frame, which hasn't come in yet and a class ring.

Okay so it's now March and I have decided that I will get a job this month, so I can afford to go to Fanimecon! See where my priorities are? >.>


Anyways! I went to the SFSU Career Center to talk to one of the councilors and get a vague idea of what in the hell do I do with this degree that cost me 38,000? And she gave me some ideas of how to turn the degree..into a "career".
So now I am surfing around looking at Copy writers and Grant writers since I think I can do that sort of thing. My big questions though are: "How do I get into copywriting at an entry-level position?" Many of the jobs listed on monster or career builder are for ppl who have 3 to 5 years experience. I need to learn how to do it first before I apply to anything like that.
The lady Jannell suggested taking on ProBono work to gain experience; but that' just not the way I work. I need to see how it's done, get my hand on a few and play with it. Then give it a shot.
I am hoping to maybe find an ad agency here in the city with a view towards getting into copy writing.
They are pretty high in demand - medical, mortgage, and other businesses are looking for them.
CNET is looking for one right now..but they need years of experience and I think it's a Senior Copywriter/editor position.
I did look at them to see if they had any positions for secretarial and they DO. but I think it's a little out of my scope to work with...but I could give it a shot I suppose.

Anyways, I am going home tomorrow to see the folks, who will badger me all about getting a job. So I am taking all that info I found with me so they'll have a little better idea of what I am looking at, shooting towards.

My current "at home" project is to make a collage for the apartment out of pics from gardening magazines. This place is DEAD boring! Since they won't let us put anything on the walls..but I figure if we put it on paper we could tape them up; no holes in the walls. And it will give us a little spring and color.

I know, I have no pictures! I'll see if I can't get some, scan them in to the laptop and bring them back up. I don't have any recent pictures of myself...which isn't too surprising considering I HATE having my picture taken.
I'll see what I can find.

See you peeps later!


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