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2010 Script Frenzy is on the horizon!
I've gone insane and have checked out all the Ian Flemming books out of the library!
My script idea is stellar! I dunno if I have the skills to actually bring it to life but I am going to give it shot.
As for my script idea? I can't tell you that. When script frenzy is over I'll tell you what it's about. Anyways, I've checked out books on screenwriting and I am trying to get the library writing group all excited about it. I think the bug bit the library lady; she's a bit excited about it now.


I am loving my new phone! People are all like: Why did you get an Android phone?! Why didn't you get an iphone?!
I didn't want an i'phone.
I wanted one that ran on Android.
And the Cliq offered the things I wanted most. Access to my email (gmail) and text messaging, and web and that's all I use on it really. I do have a few apps on it that I am hoping to use for Fanime but other than that...why would I need an iphone?


Okay I am done for now. I'll try and post more often!
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and surprisingly it fought back!

My grand Victory which was suppose to be on 11/23 didn't come until today 11/25.

I just didn't want to quit writing I guess.
I really loved the community of the forums and the twitter feds, and sharing my nano'ing experience with the HF girls.

I WILL have to keep writing through December though, because the story itself isn't finished. I did get my 50,000 but it's very holey. I want a better "finished" first draft.

And then I am really eager to get started on the NEXT draft! OMG! I have so many ideas of where and what I want to do with this!
A new Talent has shown up!
A potential tween romance!
A real BIG break up. More tweeny flirting with the "big boys".

Well tomorrow is US Turkey Day so I'll have to get up "Early" and help out. bah.
I'll also have to clean up my little area here where I created the first of hopefully many The Academy books.

To everyone who has been following my struggles rest assured I have survived and I really wish I had done this earlier. God NaNoWriMo is my new reason for writing!

See you in April for Script Frenzy! I've got a KILLER Script!!!


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