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And that's all you need to know.

It's Horse of the YEAR. Not horse of one race.
Go Rachel!
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The owners or Zenyatta did a really shitty thing.

They "claimed" That she was retired...that her trainer was only exercising her because "She's a large mare! Big mare with lots of energy! you have to get rid of it somehow. It's too COLD in Kentucky to send her there for breeding."


What they DID Was make sure Rachel Alexandra - who is the RIGHTFUL 2009 HORSE OF THE YEAR - Wouldn't get the award.


BECAUSE They announced that Zenyatta ISN'T going to be retired and WILL run again in 2010! TWO DAYS BEFORE the Eclipse Award Announcement will be made!

That is so low down.

Why not tell the voters BEFORE all the ballots are sent back with the vote?
You know that if Zen does will HOTY it's not for her 2009 campaign which frankly was WEAK in comparison to Rachel's. It's for her WHOLE Career! It was to be a nice "You did well girl! Here is your trophy! We so love you! Good luck in your retirement!"


They kept her status a secret to STEAL Rachel's Award. Do you honestly belive that she would have been given HOTY if the voters knew that she was going to keep running in 2010?!
NO Because Rachel had BY FAR the superior racing year! Her stats outshine Zen's by a mile.

This is just so aggravating.

I just hope the two finally meet and put this whole crappy debate to rest.
If she comes back at 100% Rachel will beat Zenyatta.
There is no doubt in my mind.
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I was out all day Sunday and was driving my traveling companion nuts trying to get online to find out the results. Ultimately I couldn't and was a nervous wreck as we got closer and closer to the house.
Did I want to know if Rachel Alexandra won? or did I want to see if she had lost?

I have faith in this filly but she's still a horse and not a machine. Things happen! It may well take an act of god to have her beat but still...a fever pops up, or she doesn't finish all her feed, or there is slight heat in a leg and the race is off.
Well God did put in his 2 cents and had it rain.

I got home and refreshed the Bloodhorse, Daily Racing Form, and Thoroughbred Horse Times websites and saw...Rachel Alexandra beats the boys in the Slop!
Oh thank goodness!
A click on the video link...

She didn't not just beat the boys...she DESTROYED them! EASILY! Handily! Spine Tingely! (that's not a word miss writer person!)
oh wow. She looked so good doing it too.
Still...that little niggle of apprehension is fluttering in my stomach. Did she come back well? She did sort of slip coming out of the gate but bounced to her feet within a stride or two. Wow! Very cat like.

When she finally said..."okay. I am ready to go now" she just eased right on by the hard trying Munnings and zipped over to the rail. Meanwhile Summer Bird forced Munnings out into the track as he slipped on the turn. They were not going to catch her today. When she opened up and no one was making a run at was over.

Right now the racing fans and the racing writers are cheering her to the skies. But just a few months ago it was: "You can't run her against the boys! Just think about poor ill-fated Eightbelles!"
and now it's: "She's the best thing since Ruffian!"
Make up your minds!!

Will she ever face Zenyatta? Unless Zenyatta's connections move her out of CA probably not.
Does Mr. Jackson have a valid complaint against plastics? I don't know. Curlin ran on it...I don't know if he liked it or not. He was coming off a strong and hard campaign. He looked much like Cigar. TIRED.
It does make me wonder...what is neutral ground?
Arlington? Oaklawn? Suffolk Downs?
Texas maybe? It has to be a track with dirt though and it has to be held at a good time for both of them. Not right now during their summer campaigns and I'd have to look at the calendar to pencil in a time in the fall.
I seriously believe that Mr. Jackson and the Zenyatta connections have probably talked to each other via phone to try and figure this out.

If the two sides were able to come to an agreement would that knock Rachel out of the Travers? She's doing well with the 5 weeks between races cycle. It's not very practical but it seems to be working for her. She's fresh and relaxed when she goes to post.
I like this filly a lot and don't want anything bad happening to her. I do hope they do come to an agreement and have a race for her against Zenyata. Only then will the questions be put to a stop. and then we get the whole: "if this had happened she would have won!" And I'll let you fight over which "She" I am talking about.


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