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And once again it's the end of the annual fanime con...I am so depressed.  I can't believe it's over until next year. *pout

I was so draggy last year but I am rather pleased...I didn't get the plushies though so that wasn't a good thing.  BUT I got the ears.

I so wanted to swing by the Artist Alley, but I don't think I'll get around to it but who knows things happen.


You know that it's been a long convention when you notice the Otaku staggering around like drunks.

Right now it's currently time for all the otaku to start their migrations out of the their hotel rooms and bother poor harried bell boys and demand them to come get their bags and knick knacks.

I have deiced that I won't be bringing so much stuff next year one because it leaves more room for goodies...and I need a job so I can BUY goodies!  But also it gives me room to repack all that crap back into the bags! OH MY GOD So much stuff!  I need to bring less clothes and things so I can at least stuff all the stuff back into my suitcase! Or at least it will be a little lighter. Hm…or maybe I should just get bigger luggage…


 I am so disappointed in myself.  I went to the anime for people over 30 panel...I am such a bad person.

*wah wah!


Today it's presented by Jonathan Osbourn, who is rather funny but has a tendency to overwhelm people and take over a topic of conversation solely by the volume of his voice.

So we got dragged around a lot but we the people in the room did push back and we had a nice hour long talk about Anime and what drew us to anime.


I wasn't happy but, I went anyways. It was kinda meh. Mr. Poitras didn't make it...although I noticed him wandering around the concourse later. Maybe he just didn't want to wake up that early.


One of the ladies there said that she sends around $5,000 on this convention! Can you imagine that?!

She and her daughter and her friends stay over all 4 days of the convention…and she spends that much on it?! And that's not even cosplay. What the heck is she buying?! She lives in SJ so it's not like it's travel expenses…wow…

She used to live down in So. Cal and went to Anime Expo..THE CON. She says that it has lost it's "charm" because it's so darn big anymore. She likes this convention better. She says that there is a "Ballroom" there that can hold up to 50,000 people. *Boggles


One question that I'll probably gnaw on is:  "What keeps you interested in anime?"

I'll have to think about it…


Okay so once I escaped that panel...which was more on track this year than last year, I went back to the room and packed up my luggage. Changed my clothes and checked out. I had them hold my bags for me then went to the convention center.


I wateched the last of the AnimeMusic video Top 100 videos (24-1) and a few other little AMVs. Then wandered over to Stage Zero. Stood around a bit and soaked up what was left of the fanime experience. I could have stayed for closing ceremonies but it's like…you don't want it to end. So if you don't "participate" in some of the things it won't in a way…I am not sure what I am trying to say.

I picked up some stuff off the tables that they have. Doubles: one for me, one for Arra. I'll send them off to her when I get a chance.


I slowly wandered out the front doors and looked at the last lingering cosplayers and watched the Jesus … people. Okay. I'll have to rant about them…but I'll do it in a separate post. They make me go GRRR.


Then I collected my bags from the hotel and caught the lite rail and went home….

Other than those last few tweets….Fanime is over again for another year.


I can't WAIT till 2010!!!


With Tour of California being held on the same weekend?! Hmmm…choices choices!


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Day Two!

It's 7:08 am. I woke up about an hr ago.  These beds are HOT.  Should I make tea and take it with me?

I am going to the Stage Zero First day recap and then at 8:30 am I am going to go watch AMV Hell 3. And then I dunno go to the bank? And then take a stroll through the dealer's room? Or I could go to the bank now...So I am gonna go. Leave this keyboard here cause I'll be back after a little bit because there's nothing to do this early.



okay! SO I went to the Kung Fu showing...which was like the only thing I really had on the schedule today.  And it was really good!  He didn't show the same stuff as he did last year this was "new" stuff and gave a little perspective on what's going on in the theater in Asia right now.  And it was good.

And then I "missed a call" from home >.<

They harshed my happy. 


They were calling to tell me that I was now 1k in debt! That the hotel was charging $600 and some change for the room.

And I was like...Nuh-Uh!! 

And they were like WAY.


So I went down stairs to go talk to the staff.  And while tripping down the stairs I tore off a 1/4 of my big toes nail. OUCH And BLOOD! EVERYWHERE! This is the worst nail tear I've ever had. it hurts but not so bad that I am limping; I am not. And I am stilling going to the Masque! 


Anyways I get downstairs and the girl is all like...well the room is under Marlyin Brown...and I am like...she couldn't make it. I am the only one in the room. So she asked me if I wanted to move over to a King sized room. Yesterday during check-in there was a lady who was hoping for a double because her daughter sleeps like an octopus and flails about everywhere!  So I told the girl: Sure I am willing to move. So I told her I had to go to do something but on my way down I would drop off the keys.

So that's what I'll do after I take a bath and change for the Masque.


I'm so staying at the Hilton next year!!!!


See you either later tonight...or tomorrow morning.


There was a very pronounced police presence this year….

I don't know how that makes me feel. A little jumpy.  Because cops don't show up unless there's trouble.  And I don't like to be places where there is trouble. Anyways while waiting in line at for the Masque I noticed at least 6 patrol cars, and strolling paired patrol men walking up and down the line.

There was a guy in front of me who had just bought a sword and a rover came by and told him that he was going to either have to put it in his room, or in his car because they wouldn't allow him into the Civic Center if he had it. And if he unsheathed it, the Cops could charge him with having a deadly weapon.

So he had to call his grandparents to come down and pick it up and take it home for him.


There was a slight disturbance in the line like 20 feet in front of us. The cops yanked some kid out of line…but I dunno what happened to him or anything. I never heard anything. There might be something on the boards though.


So the Masque was okay in starts and stops.  They had some walk ons in the beginning. and two martial arts groups before the show. Then the show itself started out really slow. And then there was a pokemon skit!

This was SO EPIC!!! EVERYONE sang along and it got a standing ovation. It was great. There were a couple after that...but for the most part it was Pokemon the winner all the way as it came to comedy and what not.  I kind of felt sorry for the groups after it because how do you beat this?!
With Stagecraft!!!!! And that's kinda what happened. But the judges had to give them something because it was clearly the crowd favorite.



It's kind of strange. It seems that with the masque, that we'll have great skits all the way through one year, and the next year it's: Meh. And then the next year it's really good! And then the next..meh.

So this year was kind of a meh year.  I had heard that this year the committee screened the skits before they went on. So we didn't get so many lucky star skits like we did last year.

If they did: THANK YOU!


Now it's off to Stage Zero to see Dead Fantasy again...IF they can get it to play. They're having technical difficulties right now.  But meh.  They'll probably get it going and I have no other place to be so I'll stick around. Other people aren't so patient and left.

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I wasn't intending to go this year…I haven't gone ever! Lol…I've always wanted to…and I think in 2006 I sent in a check and my ID to get a weekend pass…but nothing came of it.

It's held rather close so I thought it would be "Easy" To get there …but I never went UNTIL this year!


I am a member of the Lynn Flewelling mailing list. I love her books. Both the Nightrunner Series and the Bone Dolls Twin…which chroniclizes the story of Tamir Queen of Skala and her struggle 1) to hide her true sex and 2) to take the throne and 3) To fight a war against the Plenimarians
I just happened to log in and see that she would be at Yaoi con this year…I read that on Thursday….
Well HELL YEAH! I am SO going!
Of course I'd have to drag Nancy along with me…even thought it's a complete visual experience.. *cough cough
And yes Nancy, we are obsessed with sex. ^^

I just had a feeling that this would be the only time I'd ever get to see/meet Ms. Flewelling and have her sign my book. Unfortunately I had packed up ALL my books and sent them home a few weeks ago. So that meant I had to go to the bookstore and pick up a copy (hopefully if they had it on the shelves) "Stalking Darkness"! Which answers a lot of questions poised in the first book, and where the characters share their first kiss! SQUEEEEEE
I had to have signed.

On the way home I also bought a little river otter because she likes otters.

And then we ran off to Yaoi con.

Okay, I've been to Fanime for 4 years? 5? And I love it! This was much smaller and very niche. I mean it is a BL con and a lot of the guys were in drag…and looking DAMN fine! It's not fair that they look so freakin' good!

Back on Topic!
We were late so we missed her panel: Male Love in Western books and film…we got to sit in on oh…20 mins of the talk…but it was great to be there.

At 3-4 she had her meet and greet. I dunno how many ppl cramed themselves into that little room just to hear her talk, ask questions, and just squee.
And after that I stood in line for about an hr, gave her the otter, and she signed my book and then nancy and I went home.
I've been squeeing ever since!
Ms. Flewelling even mentioned the otter on her blog!

Sssoooooo happy!

Will I go back next year? Will Ms. Flewelling be there? ^.^


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