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I've FINALLY gotten Deepest Sender to work! I messed up with it when I installed it months ago and that just totally blew it's little java scripting.  But that's okay it's up now and I am happier. This will make posting easier no having to log out and go back around and do jumping jacks or anything....

Okay so what have I been up to?
absolutely nothing.

It's 28 days and Fanime is right around the corner! I am SO GOING! I'll steal back my CC And go!!!
It's the one indulgence I have and I Really enjoy it. So I am 36 years old and like to wander around watching anime and hang out with others who are either total fanboys or AMV watchers or cosplayers. I just really enjoy Fanime and look forward to it every year.
My one Dark spot is that I have no money to pay for it....and no job because the market up here is so picky choosy right now. They can be because so many people are looking for jobs. So they can just pick and choose whoever they want.

Apparently I am not pickable. It makes me feel sad. *emo tear

I need to go on a diet. I am getting too fat because I am not doing anything. I keep eatting and not doing enough exercise. My "large pants" fit now. @.@

Tomorrow Nancy and I are heading to the Great Mall to go look around. I think we'll be taking out time and just wandering here and there. We are leaving early and catching the BART and then VTA.

Other than Fanime...I don't have a new obsession. *sighs....I need one. lol
I need something to get excited about!!!  Right now I just feel so. . . BLAH!

I wanna get a new cell phone but I am not eligable for a new one until September. >.<
And then I can get it for "Special pricing!"

Can't think of anything else right off the top of my head...if I do I'll write now that it's just a click away.

DFTBA and Best Wishes!!!


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