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It should have been named: National Day of Remembrance
but no...they named it Patriot's day although many who died weren't really "patriots"...just normal ppl who were doing their jobs.


We must never forget. EVER.

In other news!

I am going nuts.
I don't know if I am staying or if I am going. I was suppose to leave in June if I didn't have a job. and guess what? I didn't have a job.
BUT I did have quite a few resumes out and floating around and was getting calls for interviews. So they decided that I could stay for another month.
So I stayed through July. Still no job but prospects looked good however the lease is up in August. So I was told to pack up as long as the lease ran out I should just stay till then.
August comes and goes and I am packing and they decided that I maybe one more month!
Honestly I don’t' know if I am coming or going…September has been so far a suckie month.
I really haven't sent anything out. I did apply to Borders (kind of a half assed, last ditch attempt thing) but so far haven't' heard anything.
I am really not expecting to hear anything either. The Company is in trouble.

My newest obsession is Rammstein. I've seen this AMV a few times at Fanime…it kicks ass.


Jan. 23rd, 2008 08:26 pm
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Where in the heck is my checkbook?!

I've looked everywhere in this place and I can't find it. I didn't take it with me to Arra's thinking that I would loose it or misplace it. I thought that it would be safe here at the house. I get back; no checkbook!

So yeah, today was all about running around looking for it. Filing my Fed stuff and getting set for 'ye merry ole job search'. We bought 2 tops off the net. Then later I went on my own to Torrid. ooooo nice stuff.
I dunno. Am I as "big" as some of those girls? I see myself as "plus sized" not really but I do have lumps and bumps in places that would make "normal" stuff look really bad on me. I dunno it never hurts to try some things and if they don't fit, send them back.

Uncle Jesse is here for the weekend (I think) his company has a series of meetings which are being held in Monterey; so he's crashing on the front sofa. I miss having my own "room" I mean I sleep in the cat's room ^.^

I am hoping Arra got more stuff done today, I dunno. They were headed off to Merced today. tomorrow Dad is taking the truck to the Dodge dealer for an oil change. It's scary that I know all of this stuff ^^

Was on FFXI for a bit but logged off after a few hrs. I am no shape to take it up for long hrs. AT least not here at home When I get back up to SF, Ruby watch out! ^.^

Okay I am in a weird mood. tomorrow mom may come with me and we'll go shopping. May go to the nail salon and get my nails looked at. AND I have a "Cold" so...spread the happiness!


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