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The owners or Zenyatta did a really shitty thing.

They "claimed" That she was retired...that her trainer was only exercising her because "She's a large mare! Big mare with lots of energy! you have to get rid of it somehow. It's too COLD in Kentucky to send her there for breeding."


What they DID Was make sure Rachel Alexandra - who is the RIGHTFUL 2009 HORSE OF THE YEAR - Wouldn't get the award.


BECAUSE They announced that Zenyatta ISN'T going to be retired and WILL run again in 2010! TWO DAYS BEFORE the Eclipse Award Announcement will be made!

That is so low down.

Why not tell the voters BEFORE all the ballots are sent back with the vote?
You know that if Zen does will HOTY it's not for her 2009 campaign which frankly was WEAK in comparison to Rachel's. It's for her WHOLE Career! It was to be a nice "You did well girl! Here is your trophy! We so love you! Good luck in your retirement!"


They kept her status a secret to STEAL Rachel's Award. Do you honestly belive that she would have been given HOTY if the voters knew that she was going to keep running in 2010?!
NO Because Rachel had BY FAR the superior racing year! Her stats outshine Zen's by a mile.

This is just so aggravating.

I just hope the two finally meet and put this whole crappy debate to rest.
If she comes back at 100% Rachel will beat Zenyatta.
There is no doubt in my mind.
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I'll tell you what: Rachel Alexandra's former owner was a MORON.

He said that the Derby was a race to showcase the future sires of the business...and that STALLIONS should run with Stallions and Fillies with Fillies.

and the Derby was won by A GELDING!

His whole statement is riddled with by definition is a showcase for the sires...the ones who have retired and are now siring the current racing generation.
Besides if it is a showcase for future sires WHY Allow geldings to run at all?

I think he's just old and trying to cover his @$$ if you ask me.

Notice how in the run up to the Preakness, while "Everyone" Was talking about how great and wonderful Rachel is/was NO ONE Mentioned her in the same sentence as the tragic Ruffian.
Only after she won did Ruffian's name get mentioned a few times.

To "Blame" Eight Bells for bringing down racing is short sighted and stupid. Eight Bells was a good filly, she had heart and try, and courage...but she also was sired by a horse who was known to be fragile.
Yeah you can look at the track, and the competition, and the distance and all the other factors but you also have to look at BREEDING as well.
For centuries it's been "Breed the Best to the Best and hope for the Best"...when it's come down to "The Best" being only bred for breeding in the future with little consideration towards structural soundness what else do you expect?

I loved Real Quiet but almost everyone knows about his conformational problems. The knees that had to be wired to make them straight, that his nickname was "The Fish" Because of how narrow he was.

Unbridled Song, Eight Belle's sire, could of had a longer career than he did if the owner hadn't have pushed him to be dropped into races which he was physically unstable to run in.

But I guess that's neither here nor there anymore...

Let's wait a few days, see how Rachel comes back from this race and this GREAT Effort. Will she be sore? Did she come back in good order? Any soreness? Any breathing problems? And muscle strain?
Is she eating well? Still yanking the exercise rider out of the saddle as she gallops around the track in the morning?

If she trains up well to the Belmont I don't see why Jess Jackson wouldn't enter her.
Sure Rags to Riches had what? 4 weeks? 5 weeks between her last race and her confrontation with Curlin in the Belmont? She was fresh and ready to take him on. HE had run the Derby then come back two weeks later and ran a SUPER Race to nip Street Sense, then had to come back ANOTHER Three weeks and fought tooth and nail and JUST Missed winning the Belmont.

Can Rachel Alexandra flourish and come back to make the Belmont? I don't know. She's in a new barn, with a new conditioner, and new staff...I hope she takes to it, settles in, and trains well.

If they DO run her, I don't think we'll see her on the front end again. She's more of a stalker. Check out youtube to see some of her other races; she comes from off the pace. In the Preakness I think they had to gun her out and get her clear. They knew that if they let her sit off they others would try to box her in or make her run wide. Get her caught up in traffic. She ran a Great race...and if you look at the replay...I don't think Mine that Bird would have caught her.
He didn't catch her at the wire, even though she was tiring and drifting a bit. And he didn't catch her in the gallop out. She was not going to give way. They let her settle and rate, then make a smooth move into the stretch of Belmont park...and I think she has it.

But so did Smarty Jones! And look who beat him! Birdstone! Mine that Bird's papa. He was small too. ^.^


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