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Well it's that time of year again! National Novel Writing Month is just 16 days away!
I haven't quite started on setting up Book 2 of the Academy series, but I have a rough idea of what I want to do and where I want to go with it. My main problem will be writing about a subject I know nothing about.  Thankfully I have Arra around so I can pick her brain.
My main character's name is Taylor this time around. Her parents are going through a very NASTY divorce! Put on top of that her psychic abilities, her father's disbelief that his daughter has abilities, the constant fighting between her parents, a separation from her home in New York and her beloved older brother, and being "the new girl" life's not easy for our dear Taylor.

I have yet to figure out her ability...and I have to move all my Academy notes into the new notebook. I really slacked off and haven't been doing that. I was trying to do a little bit every day a few months ago.
And then FF14 came out..and well...what? There is life off the internet?
FF14 is going to be the BIGGEST distraction this year when it comes to NaNo.
That and I am going to try and write outside of my normal writing comfort zone. I normally love to write around 10 pm when the house is quite and the 'rents are all tucked up in bed.  If i get on a roll I can write for a good solid 2 hrs before I loose my train of thought and get tired.
However I have my job to consider this year. It starts at 1:45 am!
I am gonna need to sleep sometime! So I may try and write earlier..around like. now! 8 pm or whatnot.
I am hoping to get into some sort of rhythm.

Also I may try a different writing program this time around.
Last year I used and won with, Q10. I love the typing sound effects! I like that it was a complete, blocks out the screen and makes you WRITE type of program.
This year I am going to try and do the planning with Page Four.
Also if they have a discount this year, I'd love to try out and maybe purchase Liquid Story Binder.
Scrivner is coming out with Scrivner for Windows! it's not in beta it's gonna probably be buggy as hell. But if we win we get a 50% discount on the "finished" product which will come out next year!  OOOO Tempted!

They've been running word sprints pretty much all October long. I have been bad an haven't been participating. I should! oh well.

I better quit whining and just start setting up! These next two weeks are all about getting the characters in order, and scenes hammered out. A vague outline like last year worked pretty well. Although I didn't quite finish with Book One it has holes I need to fill in. Scenes that never got typed up.
Looking forward to 2010!



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