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I am still on convention time. The whole thing is going to hit soon and then the depression is going to sink in and
I am already yearning for the next convention! I want to cosplay as my RDM in AF and as a scholar in AF but with my sexy clunky shoes instead of the penny loafers in game. AND I wanna go as the Vocaloid Character Hatsune Miku she's so cute! ^.^
I am so looking forward to next year! Sakura Con 2009!
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I got my diploma today. I think I am more "teary" About the damn thing than anyone else in my family.

I also bought a frame, which hasn't come in yet and a class ring.

Okay so it's now March and I have decided that I will get a job this month, so I can afford to go to Fanimecon! See where my priorities are? >.>


Anyways! I went to the SFSU Career Center to talk to one of the councilors and get a vague idea of what in the hell do I do with this degree that cost me 38,000? And she gave me some ideas of how to turn the degree..into a "career".
So now I am surfing around looking at Copy writers and Grant writers since I think I can do that sort of thing. My big questions though are: "How do I get into copywriting at an entry-level position?" Many of the jobs listed on monster or career builder are for ppl who have 3 to 5 years experience. I need to learn how to do it first before I apply to anything like that.
The lady Jannell suggested taking on ProBono work to gain experience; but that' just not the way I work. I need to see how it's done, get my hand on a few and play with it. Then give it a shot.
I am hoping to maybe find an ad agency here in the city with a view towards getting into copy writing.
They are pretty high in demand - medical, mortgage, and other businesses are looking for them.
CNET is looking for one right now..but they need years of experience and I think it's a Senior Copywriter/editor position.
I did look at them to see if they had any positions for secretarial and they DO. but I think it's a little out of my scope to work with...but I could give it a shot I suppose.

Anyways, I am going home tomorrow to see the folks, who will badger me all about getting a job. So I am taking all that info I found with me so they'll have a little better idea of what I am looking at, shooting towards.

My current "at home" project is to make a collage for the apartment out of pics from gardening magazines. This place is DEAD boring! Since they won't let us put anything on the walls..but I figure if we put it on paper we could tape them up; no holes in the walls. And it will give us a little spring and color.

I know, I have no pictures! I'll see if I can't get some, scan them in to the laptop and bring them back up. I don't have any recent pictures of myself...which isn't too surprising considering I HATE having my picture taken.
I'll see what I can find.

See you peeps later!
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I home! Back in SF.
The new computer works like a little dream. I love it.
I am currently installing FFXI on it and it's chugging right along. I may not make it on the game tonight but I gave it a shot.
Time permitting I'll install the expansions tonight and if not, at least I have the basic package and Zilart up.

In other news...well there isn't any really. It's "Super Tuesday"! And I voted. not today but like last week at the Registrar. I didn't know if I had lost my ballot or not because when I came up here that other time, I didn't see it. So I went to the registrar and they said to mark it as lost.
Only to find that it was being held at the post office by our mail man. Well since I had already voted I shreded my absentee ballot so hopefully that won't effect much of anything.

I am sooo pleased with this little computer! It's so QUIET! Oh yeah..I'll be muling because theres no reason for me not to! ^^

I'll write more when I am able!


Oct. 18th, 2007 10:33 pm
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ohmigawd! What in the hell am I thinking?!
Yes, I signed up for NaMoWriMo...why? Do I not have enough to do in trying to pass these last 4 classes?

You know, I heard about Namowrimo the first time last year, but it was late and I didn't have time to sign up or had a good enough idea or felt I had time to do it or whatever other excuses I came up with that year...suffice it to say, I didn't do it.
But I told myself that I would in 2007...and well here I am!

I am going to work on Truth Seeker. Naamen says that Fantasy Fiction should be around 80,000 to 100,000 words. So...yeah.
Tying out 50k before nailing on the last 30 to additional 50k seems like a good idea to me. Even if it is "crap", at least I'll have the bare bones out there and I can tinker with them. I think I'll be happy.

My big worry is keeping my 2.3 GPA...yeah I know..that's GPA sucks..but all I need is a 2.0 overall to graduate.
So no more skipping classes, I have to turn in every assignment from now on and take every test. and work hard to pass ALL 4 classes. Not just Work in Progress or Rep. Plays of Shakespeare

Last weekend I watched Legally blond on know they premiered it out here... I kind of wish I had seen it. It was rather good! I hope they bring it out here again.
Also watched reruns on Monday.
Gotta remember that Avatar is on at 8:30 pm and Meerkat Manor.

I've missed the gang! I logged in today and pounced Dark; I've missed him so much! I am glad to see him.

Theres so much more to talk about but I am tired...maybe later.


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