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You know I think this whole thing is going to work out just fine. All I have to do is pay for the hotel. if I get enough snacks I won't have to pay for food. It's not like I NEED to get a  milkshake before I go to watch the masquerade or have a crappy breakfast sandwich. ALTHOUGH I might go down to peggy sues for breakfast one morning...that is if there isn't anything on the schedule I want to watch or participate in.

I think I'll skip the Anime for fans over 30 panel. last years was pretty disappointing. We got side tracked into talking about TV series for today and not about anime.

I wasn't too pleased about that. The same people showed up like they did the last time and they're the ones who like to monopolize the floor. What with thier "great" knowledge and HUGE library of anime on VHS tapes.


I got into anime through starblazers and Voltron. I didn't know what it was other than a "weird" cartoon. but it wasn't like any cartoon I'd ever seen before. I mean it's not like Salinas is the center of the's quite small and the only "culture" we have is local culture. So if you want to know anything about John Steinbeck, Field workers, or Mexicans we have got you covered.

Anime? Japanese other than the fact that the Rodeo grounds was used as a staging point for the internment camps...and that we used to have a fairly large population of Japanese people in the area...what in the hell is anime?!


The first time I found ANY information on anime was when I was able to pick up two magazines about it from a tabletop store in Carmel. the mags were in the back and in a pile. But I recognized the style and was like..OOOO!!! I WANT!

Those were my only hints of what this Asian cartoon was for quite a while.

Occasionally I was able to see other anime on TV but when you only get 5 channels.

ABC, CBS, NBC a "public" channel KICU and PBS if you twist the antenna right and stand on your head...there's not much exposure to new things.  I am slow and my family isn't the fastest on new technology. It was a while before we even got a VCR..and a while longer before a Music warehouse had tapes for rent. But once they did It wasn't too bad.

I remeber there was an anime style story about fabled horses from Wardwell Magnavox but I don't remember the name. I just was just wowed by the animation and music.

That was another thing I liked about anime. The music wasn't like looney toons for Disney..where they'd break into song suddenly The music fit the mood and action of the characters. It was rather good - for a cartoon.


We did get a few anime titles in the Warehouse but they were mostly OVA's or stuff I wouldn't be interested anyways. I was a very loyal fan of Voltron and anythng that challenged his reign was forbidden.


The ony thing that rivaled anime in the "early years" was Fanimation the production company of He-Man and She-Ra. While I liked the animation style and the way they used camera angles and music...the storylines were so kiddie.

The difference between that and say Starblazers was so clear. In my area, Voltron came on at 3 pm, then Starblazers and then He-Man. ( think...)

Starblazers had that long year long quest to get to Escandar and Back to Earth..and He-man...other than protecting Eternia from Skellator...there wasn't much to it. The only really intriguing thing was the whole Teela is the daughter of the Sorceress thing...which was never really explored.

The only other animated series that was interesting was Jem and the Holograms. Probably because I am a girl and it was all about "Music Fashion and Fame". The animation wasn't as "polished" as say Anime was but they did use the whole story line thing well as they created good believable characters.


For a while there I was content with other concerns and left Anime alone. I'd look over my magazines and say that one day I'd fine this japanse animation stuff and have a lot of t! While "having a lot of it" never quite materialized I did finally find some...and was very happy.

On a trip to Milpitas' Great Mall I found my first "manga" Lum Yatsuri Yatsura. I walked around with it and I laughed and laughed. I think my parents thought I was nuts. They didn't see why I would like this stark colorless comic book.  I tried to explain to them that it wasn't "just" a comic book and tried to get my dad to at least read it...but he just shrugged about it. He didn't quite get it.

But it fueled my quest to find more Japanese comic books.

It took me a while to gather up my courage (and to connect the dots) and go to the local Comic book store and search for Japanese comic books.


Comic book stores are not a place a girl goes. At least not in my mind...but I had some money...and so I went. The closes store though was in Monterey and if it hadn't have been on cannery row I don't think I would have gone.

But go I did and I found not only my Elfquest but a few Japanese comic books. I picked those up too and ran home to enjoy my stash!

I didn't go to the store often. Maybe twice more before it closed but one year after Christmas, I did have money to go to the local store in town. And that's where I saw for the first time Bubblegum Crash.

I bought the first 4 volumes? and then came back for the last 3 (or 4)I thought it was AWESOME!


The music just blew me away! the characters were like "Real" people! and the camera work was excellent.

If I hadn't already been a Japanese animation fan this would have converted me. It was ultra violent but I didn't mind it because it was all a part of the story and understandable/explainable.  It was down and dirty and gritty and oh so cool!


Now other than the fall down laugh until you're sick Lum and the Violent Bubblegum crash/crisis there was no in between in what anime I had. The only thing of the that style I had was Elfquest.

The thing about Japanese comics (which I still didn't know was called Manga) was that it was in black and white. But even in that format there was "color".

The large eyes, the "tear drops" on a characters head, the pock marks they didn't bother me. I enjoyed this format like I had not enjoyed American comics/animation for years.


I think  it was in a Starlog magazine that I saw an ad for my first anime convention. They had the animator for Macross Do you remember love. he was going to be there and I WANTED TO GO! But I couldn' was too far away and we had commitments.

But I vowed that one day I would go to that convention.


It took a while...a good 10+ years...but I did finally get to go to an anime convention.

My first and so far only convention is the Fanime convention. First time I went was when it moved to San Jose.

I took my BF and we went on Saturday stayed over to Sunday.

It was like..."These are my people"

And while I was like in my 30's and the kids at the con were just that. Kids. It was a wonderful community to finally connect to!


So now I go to Fanime almost every year. I didn't go in 2007 because I had a commitment...but I went the next year! I was not going to sit though 4 hours of the Graduation march ever AGAIN!

2009 will mark the 5th Fanime I'll go to. It's going to be a tight squeeze and a bit of lying to get to go. but Go I shall!!

FOUR Days of anime, manga, pockey, and otaku!

Every year I do a little something more to fit in with the kids. This year I bought loli shoes.

OMG I love them. They're a little small? large? I am not sure. 3 inch heel platforms. My first ever pair!

I don't know exactly how to wear them but I don't care they look SO KILLER with the black and white striped socks I just don't care if I break my ankle in them or not.


I may be short on tops though...I am going to take all three of my "tart" skirts. and probably the plain black pleat one...I wore that one last year to the Dealer's room.

I don't know if I'll have money to go to the Dealer's room this year...I do want a Sweatshirt/T-shirt from the con though and those run around $40.

I'd also like to try and find a messenger bag. But I think it will probably be Bleach or Naruto *sighs

Last year I went on a complete Sasuke tear through the Dealers Room and Artists Alley.

I was hoping Marilyn would come down this year but she got bad tax news and has to save save save.

Maybe next year although I seriously doubt it. She'll want to stay home with her sister's sprawg.

If I can't find a bag I like that will save me another $0 and I can spend it on something else.


hmmm a lot of people get off at Mnt. View...and walk...I wonder where they go?

Not too many of us left. ^.^

I have to remember to call Goa once we hit Santa Teresa.


Well we got 15 mins so I best wrap this up.

I am 36 turning 37 this year and going to an anime convention wearing tart skirts.

I must be insane! I hope I don't look as freaky as I think  I do.

oh well...I am still going!


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