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So here it is Monday around 7:30 and I am on the train going back up to SF. JUST made the 168...I feel bad now.
I've been riding the 100 buses uhm like 5 times maybe 6 and I found out today that I've been under paying.
Fare is $3.50 and I've been handing over $1.75. OOPS
I gave the lady correct fare today thank goodness I had it or I'd be in trouble.

Anyways this was a in a sense productive weekend. I got a new travel mug. Looked around at travel stuff...and bought a few things I probably shouldn't have. I did talk to mom about the CC but I didn't push it. I'll email dad later on and ask him about it.
I also forgot to bring up the cord for the camera which I have in my bag. Was ALMOST Too late for the 6:24 am 168 bus but just made it.

This weekend I found out that I GOT an invite to join Dreamwidth! YAY! So I got an account. I dunno how I feel about it or what I'll do with it. I first heard about Dreamwidth at yaoi con last year. I didn't go to the panel but a few of the girls of the LJ panel had gone and were really excited by what they heard and transferred that on to us. If I wasn't a member of that Anstel insane journal I probably wouldn't have heard anything about the invite codes or anything...
I'm kind of excited about this. I hope they are able to keep it going Times are hard and they're asking for around $25 dollars for a basic paid account and $40 a year for a premium these times that's a lot of money. I was thinking about just buying a membership (if I didn't get an invite) but at $25 I don't think I have the money.

All I DO know is that yesterday the servers went down a few times there was so much traffic. I haven't played around with my site yet or the layout so it is still very much basic.
I think I'll put slash stuff on there though and writing experiments.

Talking about experiments I got to thinking about that story about the space ship crash again.
I was thinking about calling the guide: The Moron's guide to space travel.
Of course the first chapter will have something like. Welcome to space travel. Even if this is your first flight pr your hundredth this guide was written with you in mind. Don't take this guide as the end all be all of all safe space travel but use it as a supplement to your journey. Listen to your flight crew and enjoy one of the most rewarding means of modern travel."
Of course the first chapter is all about So this is your first space flight! What to expect.
Everything that the book says can go wrong....goes wrong in this flight.
It is going to be a bit of a dark comedy I think. Where you turn the page and "bad things" happen. but in a funny way. I am hoping to write it in such a way that when bad things do happen the reader will be all like: "I knew that was going to happen" but chuckling that it is happening and willing to find out how the passengers are going to get out of this. Or at least this one passenger whom we are following. I don't want to panic anyone I want it to be funny and I think it will be funny if I can write it correctly.
I am giggling just thinking about it but that doesn't mean much of anything. a butterfly can make me laugh. I am simple in the head that way.

I really don't want to move home...Not that I don't love my parents but...the house is too small. Can you believe that? But it is! We may meet in the mornings for light conversation but then we just scatter to our rooms and don't come out.
That house isn't made so much for living but for sleeping in and leaving. I want to stay in SF.
oh well we'll see how that all works out.

As we drove through SJ this morning on the bus I noticed that the street banners are up for Fanime! I am so excited about that! I am SO going. Talked to mom about it a bit. and she's like "Are you going to go"
and I am like" I want to."
And she says "Well I guess it's not too far for you to travel if you come down from SF everyday."
And I am thinking...HELL NO! It would be VERY expensive and there's no way I'd do that anyways.
Coming down every day dressed up? HA!
I didn't tell them I had already reserved a room. Although I did tell her that I had already bought my ticket.
She seemed a little impressed that so many people show up for these things. 20,000 a day at Sakura con and 13 million pumped into the local economy. Fantasy really pays!
I wanna cash in :P

I should write Naamen and tell him about wanting to go see him and not being able to go.
I really wanted to heard his manifesto; it was probably stellar. Naames's cool like that.

I am kind of excited about going home. I'll probably bite the bullet and buy the UDPP when we go to Sephora. If I can get those video files to load onto my mp3 player I'll at least have the tutorials.
paint on the face! paint on the face!

What else?
Dad's birthday was Saturday...he's got a cold. Not "THE FLU" but a cold. He's not a spring chicken anymore, he's got to be careful with it. I don't think he thinks of himself as old but he is and the elderly are more susceptible to getting really worn down when it comes to colds and stuff.
He's got to be careful.

We just pulled into Mnt.View…MAN there are a lot of people waiting to get on the train! eek! I guess it's a good thing I put my bags under my seat. At least there's room for one more person to sit at this table. No table space but they can at least sit. ^.^

let me see here...what else?
The bus tourists that crashed are headed home and they say they're in good health and stuff.
OH while I was home I walked to the store. When I am home I don't walk as much as when I am in SF. At home it's like...I need to go to the store, hop in the car. I want to go to the mall...hop in the car.
in SF it's all lets walk down to west portal...lord no! or lets walk down to the school...or lets walk to the "Galleria"!
Walk and take the bus. It's no big thing...when you don't have a car these things happen and you don't mind. But when you HAVE a car it's all about lets drive there!
So I walked down to the store...bought the stuff...and walked back.
Mom was "worried" that I wouldn't be able to bring back the pie, but I have my handy dandy bag! And it fit perfectly in there...with the soup of which I was afraid I was going to de-lid and have it spill and slosh all over the place.

I can't wait to get home! Maybe I'll drop by the library today and drop off some books. I still want to copy a few so I may do that too.
Uhm…what else?
The KD was this weekend. First Saturday in May...x amount of years and dad still doesn't remember that..
Arriving at Palo Alto! how many people?
Not as many as Mnt. View...oh...wait...maybe there are...
I really don't like sitting on this side...I get anxious watching the people make runs of the train.
I like how people either worry or they don't worry.
Some people run for the train and some just stroll even though the trains pulling out. You either make it or you make the next one.

Not so many people at Hillsdale; I don't feel so bad.
Although the little table cubby I grabbed is now full.
I just realized that I didn't reload my Translink.
Thank you Nancy for the money! it's the way I got home. GAH! I wasn't thinking. What can I say...I am slow.
Millbrae. Not too many people get on at Millbrae...but more than a few get off...they're going up the stairs so it makes me wonder where they're going.
Better log off...have to pack and make the trip on MUNI next.

It's good to be home!


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