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And once again it's the end of the annual fanime con...I am so depressed.  I can't believe it's over until next year. *pout

I was so draggy last year but I am rather pleased...I didn't get the plushies though so that wasn't a good thing.  BUT I got the ears.

I so wanted to swing by the Artist Alley, but I don't think I'll get around to it but who knows things happen.


You know that it's been a long convention when you notice the Otaku staggering around like drunks.

Right now it's currently time for all the otaku to start their migrations out of the their hotel rooms and bother poor harried bell boys and demand them to come get their bags and knick knacks.

I have deiced that I won't be bringing so much stuff next year one because it leaves more room for goodies...and I need a job so I can BUY goodies!  But also it gives me room to repack all that crap back into the bags! OH MY GOD So much stuff!  I need to bring less clothes and things so I can at least stuff all the stuff back into my suitcase! Or at least it will be a little lighter. Hm…or maybe I should just get bigger luggage…


 I am so disappointed in myself.  I went to the anime for people over 30 panel...I am such a bad person.

*wah wah!


Today it's presented by Jonathan Osbourn, who is rather funny but has a tendency to overwhelm people and take over a topic of conversation solely by the volume of his voice.

So we got dragged around a lot but we the people in the room did push back and we had a nice hour long talk about Anime and what drew us to anime.


I wasn't happy but, I went anyways. It was kinda meh. Mr. Poitras didn't make it...although I noticed him wandering around the concourse later. Maybe he just didn't want to wake up that early.


One of the ladies there said that she sends around $5,000 on this convention! Can you imagine that?!

She and her daughter and her friends stay over all 4 days of the convention…and she spends that much on it?! And that's not even cosplay. What the heck is she buying?! She lives in SJ so it's not like it's travel expenses…wow…

She used to live down in So. Cal and went to Anime Expo..THE CON. She says that it has lost it's "charm" because it's so darn big anymore. She likes this convention better. She says that there is a "Ballroom" there that can hold up to 50,000 people. *Boggles


One question that I'll probably gnaw on is:  "What keeps you interested in anime?"

I'll have to think about it…


Okay so once I escaped that panel...which was more on track this year than last year, I went back to the room and packed up my luggage. Changed my clothes and checked out. I had them hold my bags for me then went to the convention center.


I wateched the last of the AnimeMusic video Top 100 videos (24-1) and a few other little AMVs. Then wandered over to Stage Zero. Stood around a bit and soaked up what was left of the fanime experience. I could have stayed for closing ceremonies but it's like…you don't want it to end. So if you don't "participate" in some of the things it won't in a way…I am not sure what I am trying to say.

I picked up some stuff off the tables that they have. Doubles: one for me, one for Arra. I'll send them off to her when I get a chance.


I slowly wandered out the front doors and looked at the last lingering cosplayers and watched the Jesus … people. Okay. I'll have to rant about them…but I'll do it in a separate post. They make me go GRRR.


Then I collected my bags from the hotel and caught the lite rail and went home….

Other than those last few tweets….Fanime is over again for another year.


I can't WAIT till 2010!!!


With Tour of California being held on the same weekend?! Hmmm…choices choices!


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Con Sunday!

MAN I am beat! I got in at 2:00 am and slept for like 5 hrs...I am draggin!
I got up around 7...was going to go to a panel at ten..but decided not to and stayed in bed then ventured out at noon. I wanted to see anime chess but I am too tired to go. SO I am back at the room and am going to try and take a nap. I don't remember being so tired last year. uh...
They are also doing a whole bunch of cosplay gatherings but I am too tired to go enjoy any of it.
They're going to replay Death Fantasy tonight at 11...I'll go watch it again!

I stayed in all day. I watched Deadliest catch marathons and Jon and Kate +8  and the inside 9/11 documentary on nat geo. other than that I didn't do much except feel sorry for myself.  I am kinda hungry and I have a couple of hrs before I "have" to be back here to watch the death fantasy thing. I may go I may not I am not sure... Iam sleepy but I don't want to take anything to wake me up because I am going to take a pill if I can find it when I get back to the room and get a full nights sleep.
I went back through the program today while just hanging out in the room and saw a few things I would have LOVED to see but didn't check them out earlier...I can only hope that they decided to repeate them next year...I am sad now.

Panels I missed and wanted to go to include:

Anime Hell Lounge
Yelling back at the screen with Ric Meyers
Older titles for newer fans with Gilles Poitras
Anime and Manga for Grown-ups with Gilles Poitras
Anime impact on USA Cartoons
commoners' games (which sounded absolutely hilarious...but I think it was in conflict with something else)
Cosplay: overdoing it
Gaia Online panel/gathering
How to cosplay on a budget
Intro to Lolita & Fashion show
JRock: Harajuku and beyond
The RPG genre
The ultimate geekdom panel
Visual Kei: More than music

I enjoyed the Short film showcase and the AMVs and Anime Hell. I wanted to see AMVs that should have made the top 100 list...but I mean between all the panels, stage zero, the masque, the video rooms, walking around to see the cosplayers, the dealer's rooms, eating, sleeping, and bathing there just aren't enough hours in the day!!!

 Today was a pretty good day to just hang out in the room and do nothing. If I was really into it, I would have gone down and taken pics with everyone but I didn't...was too tired.

I can't WAIT To get home and download videos from youtube.
I love this place! you can wear things here that you can't anywhere else unless you have a killer attitude and just don't care.  What else was on the idea list of things to do on Sunday?

Before the con I went to the website and was extremely excited to see the pocket guide.  I tried to get Nancy's computer to print it out..but it was only going to print it out one sheet at a time..and that was like 40 sheets. HELL NO
Luckily I noticed the PDF of alternate schedules and one that had Stage Zero on it.
I printed that one out and brought it with me to the con.
ANYWAYS:   Sunday
I went to the panel on Anime for Parents. While I like Mr.Poitras I think he's a little too caught up on Shonen stuff honestly. But I mean he's a man and so that's what draws him.
I don't like these panel when they ask us: Well what things are you into?
my mind goes blank.  I mean I am reading Junjo Romantica and Skip Beat.  yeah. I don't think I'd bring those up in polite society. However I got to thinking about it and I kinda wondered why he didn't bring up Kare Kano or Hana-kimi. I like The Wallflower...I think it has a good positive message even if Sunako is rather dark. ^.^
I loved Tramps like Us because Sumire even though she was such a strong modern woman had her self esteem issues and I liked how Momo stuck with her through everything.
And my new "Darling" is With the Light which I think I should bludgeon Mr. Poitras over the head with ^.^
There are others but I have a horrible memory for titles if I was at home I'd list more.

I stayed in that room for the Carl Horn Dark Horse Manga thing. They said that Dark Horse had a GREAT panel up at Sakura Con so I wanted the skinny on what was up and coming. He had  previews on some new things that they are publishing. Especially Oh my Goddess!! ooooo...

After that I went back to the room...BAH!
I wanted to go check out A Cosplay for You panel, So you Wanna live in Japan panel, Gaia online, How to Cosplay on a Budget, the Shippuden Move 2 - Bonds. Sasuke! SQUEEE!
and the Music video contest.
From my window I watched partisipants go over to the Fairmont for the Black and White Ball. I felt sorry for myself and stuff...called Arra but didn't actually sleep. So much for nap time. I was tired but not sleepy. Go fig.

I did drag my butt out of bed to go down and watch Nescaflowne! I love that movie. and after that!!! They played Fanboy Beebop! I liked that one too!
After all that I walked the con center because I Wanted to check it out..and I hadn't...and I got glomped. I feel so violated!!! lol
After I was able to pry the fanboys off...I wandered back to Stage Zero and rewatched Dead Fantasy and then wandered home....sleep! Glorious Sleep!

Maybe I'll be more charged up tomorrow.
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Day Two!

It's 7:08 am. I woke up about an hr ago.  These beds are HOT.  Should I make tea and take it with me?

I am going to the Stage Zero First day recap and then at 8:30 am I am going to go watch AMV Hell 3. And then I dunno go to the bank? And then take a stroll through the dealer's room? Or I could go to the bank now...So I am gonna go. Leave this keyboard here cause I'll be back after a little bit because there's nothing to do this early.



okay! SO I went to the Kung Fu showing...which was like the only thing I really had on the schedule today.  And it was really good!  He didn't show the same stuff as he did last year this was "new" stuff and gave a little perspective on what's going on in the theater in Asia right now.  And it was good.

And then I "missed a call" from home >.<

They harshed my happy. 


They were calling to tell me that I was now 1k in debt! That the hotel was charging $600 and some change for the room.

And I was like...Nuh-Uh!! 

And they were like WAY.


So I went down stairs to go talk to the staff.  And while tripping down the stairs I tore off a 1/4 of my big toes nail. OUCH And BLOOD! EVERYWHERE! This is the worst nail tear I've ever had. it hurts but not so bad that I am limping; I am not. And I am stilling going to the Masque! 


Anyways I get downstairs and the girl is all like...well the room is under Marlyin Brown...and I am like...she couldn't make it. I am the only one in the room. So she asked me if I wanted to move over to a King sized room. Yesterday during check-in there was a lady who was hoping for a double because her daughter sleeps like an octopus and flails about everywhere!  So I told the girl: Sure I am willing to move. So I told her I had to go to do something but on my way down I would drop off the keys.

So that's what I'll do after I take a bath and change for the Masque.


I'm so staying at the Hilton next year!!!!


See you either later tonight...or tomorrow morning.


There was a very pronounced police presence this year….

I don't know how that makes me feel. A little jumpy.  Because cops don't show up unless there's trouble.  And I don't like to be places where there is trouble. Anyways while waiting in line at for the Masque I noticed at least 6 patrol cars, and strolling paired patrol men walking up and down the line.

There was a guy in front of me who had just bought a sword and a rover came by and told him that he was going to either have to put it in his room, or in his car because they wouldn't allow him into the Civic Center if he had it. And if he unsheathed it, the Cops could charge him with having a deadly weapon.

So he had to call his grandparents to come down and pick it up and take it home for him.


There was a slight disturbance in the line like 20 feet in front of us. The cops yanked some kid out of line…but I dunno what happened to him or anything. I never heard anything. There might be something on the boards though.


So the Masque was okay in starts and stops.  They had some walk ons in the beginning. and two martial arts groups before the show. Then the show itself started out really slow. And then there was a pokemon skit!

This was SO EPIC!!! EVERYONE sang along and it got a standing ovation. It was great. There were a couple after that...but for the most part it was Pokemon the winner all the way as it came to comedy and what not.  I kind of felt sorry for the groups after it because how do you beat this?!
With Stagecraft!!!!! And that's kinda what happened. But the judges had to give them something because it was clearly the crowd favorite.



It's kind of strange. It seems that with the masque, that we'll have great skits all the way through one year, and the next year it's: Meh. And then the next year it's really good! And then the next..meh.

So this year was kind of a meh year.  I had heard that this year the committee screened the skits before they went on. So we didn't get so many lucky star skits like we did last year.

If they did: THANK YOU!


Now it's off to Stage Zero to see Dead Fantasy again...IF they can get it to play. They're having technical difficulties right now.  But meh.  They'll probably get it going and I have no other place to be so I'll stick around. Other people aren't so patient and left.

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I've FINALLY gotten Deepest Sender to work! I messed up with it when I installed it months ago and that just totally blew it's little java scripting.  But that's okay it's up now and I am happier. This will make posting easier no having to log out and go back around and do jumping jacks or anything....

Okay so what have I been up to?
absolutely nothing.

It's 28 days and Fanime is right around the corner! I am SO GOING! I'll steal back my CC And go!!!
It's the one indulgence I have and I Really enjoy it. So I am 36 years old and like to wander around watching anime and hang out with others who are either total fanboys or AMV watchers or cosplayers. I just really enjoy Fanime and look forward to it every year.
My one Dark spot is that I have no money to pay for it....and no job because the market up here is so picky choosy right now. They can be because so many people are looking for jobs. So they can just pick and choose whoever they want.

Apparently I am not pickable. It makes me feel sad. *emo tear

I need to go on a diet. I am getting too fat because I am not doing anything. I keep eatting and not doing enough exercise. My "large pants" fit now. @.@

Tomorrow Nancy and I are heading to the Great Mall to go look around. I think we'll be taking out time and just wandering here and there. We are leaving early and catching the BART and then VTA.

Other than Fanime...I don't have a new obsession. *sighs....I need one. lol
I need something to get excited about!!!  Right now I just feel so. . . BLAH!

I wanna get a new cell phone but I am not eligable for a new one until September. >.<
And then I can get it for "Special pricing!"

Can't think of anything else right off the top of my head...if I do I'll write now that it's just a click away.

DFTBA and Best Wishes!!!
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I am still on convention time. The whole thing is going to hit soon and then the depression is going to sink in and
I am already yearning for the next convention! I want to cosplay as my RDM in AF and as a scholar in AF but with my sexy clunky shoes instead of the penny loafers in game. AND I wanna go as the Vocaloid Character Hatsune Miku she's so cute! ^.^
I am so looking forward to next year! Sakura Con 2009!
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And I woke up at 8 am! Another good night. Happy!
Lets see here last night I went to AMVs watched those until 1 am then walked back to the hotel there was a photo shoot in the lobby of the Marriott with guys in full cosplay and they had "dramatic" lighting and were taking pictures.
There were three black guys walking back with us and they were like..."WTF?!"
What did they expect? It's an anime convention! It was great...

So then I went to bed and woke up at 8 am took a shower and packed up.
Lord my igloo leaked! I am so pissed off. I left a huge wet spot on the floor I hope I am not charged for it. Anyways I left a lot of things behind. AND My phone charger...but I went down to the desk and they had security go up and get it for me. So the whole stay was cheaper than I was expecting. I put aside 500 dollars for the room and only used $360 or so…maybe the full 500 was for the whole con? I am not sure. Anyway checked out and am now having the bellboys watching my stuff. I am gonna hit the anime fans over 30 panel (in which I am watching now) and then head back to the hotel I think, get a cab and go to the train.

I am so glad I took the Neo with me. I can type/write stuff up.
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oh my god.
I watched midnight madness which included uh...Fisting the North Star which was OMG I can't believe they did that!
And then I watched the full Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series AND the movie. Just so that I could watch Redeath Redux! I left the viewing room at 5 back to the room and slept for oh I dunno 2 hrs. almost 3 hrs.
omg I am SO tired.
I was wandering around after stumbling out of the viewing room and there were people still up wandering around. We're insane.
I think I have a cold. my feet hurt and my head is like ow.
I am so tired! But there is anime to be viewed and things to be bought! And cute skirts to be worn!
So I am gonna get dressed and head back to the I am tired. I think I'll go eat first so that means leaving "Everything" here.

okay.. I am up. went down to Jack in the box...I get recit #363 and then the guy calls out 367...and then he sees me standing there and is like...what number at you. and I tell him 363...and he's is your sandwich.'re 4

So after that I went back to the con sat down and ate it...well most of it and then uhm...went into the dealers room with my $160 dollars.
I went on a complete Sasuke tear! I got a charm for my phone with a cute Sasuke and I got a poster which is TO DIE FOR with him on it with Itachi, Orochimaru, and Kabuto. And then I got a wall scroll with him at Valley of the End in the second stage of his curse seal and Chidori. AND I got a Voltron Lion Force T Shirt! SQUEEEE
And then I went to Artists alley which was really cool but I didn't want to use up all my money so I only got a few things there. And I got Arra some anime ears. I am going back to get a different set of ears cause they're cool!
man I am tired...I am going to rest a bit and then go back and see if I can't find those ears but right now I am going to rest my body and feet and just veg for a while.

So I went to bed around 1:30 or so..and woke up at 6:45 and am getting ready to go back out. yay! Going to watch videos and then come back and rest.
so back out to watch zombie loan. I am so looking for that when I get back.
And now it's's suppose to be AMV's that should have made the top 100 but the folder is empty!!!
So looks like it's "Phoenix Wrong instead, which I've never seen but I am willing to give it a try.
And if it's not too good we'll just go get some hot water and drink tea then go lay down.
This has been a real good con! I've had a lot of fun and now have Sasuke dangling from my cell phone ^^
I'll txt naamen tomorrow and see how well his con went..
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8:00 am
my feet hurt! my hands ache a little bit too.
AT least I have a vague idea of what I am gonna do today. Gotta get up right now get dressed and then get breakfast downstairs I guess and then it's off to Spice and Wolf so lets go do that...

well I am late to spice and wolf. I decided to go get hot water! charge and I stood in my clunky shoes for like 20 mins? lol
my feet hurt and now I am gonna have to wait another 5 mins for the tea to brew, put in sugar and then walk..(yeah right) back to the viewing room to see Spice and Wolf)
I am rather enjoying myself...wish I had company though this place is crazy fun!
wow spice and wolf last episode! Horo in her original form So cool!

Anyways now we're off to the World premier of Studio Sokadei premier of "Cowboy Bebop: The song Remains the same"! The line was HUGE but we got a seat and the movie is about to roll! So type later!

well that was fun. wasn't a parody like I thought it was going to be but a straight translation of the game from *kevin* was fun to see it since I never play console games but you know...would have rather it been a parody!
oh's 1:30 so I'll probably go to artists alley and look around. then at 2 it's that fashion show...then from there I'll go to the dealer's room.
My socks outlasted the latex >.<
I had to reapply it. oh well...
So off we go! First time to artists alley ^.^

okay remind me NOT to come with thigh highs again unless I loose some weight! lol
my stockings kept rolling down my legs. It wasn't all that bad but it was a bit of a pain in the rump. I didn't latex them up as well as I normally do so they "tore" and rolled down. it was uncomfortable.
So what did we do at the con today?
We watched studio sokedei and then went to see a premier of Gurren Legaan which was FUN I liked it.
It was standing room only once people heard what as playing.
I so wish I has someone with me to watch this too. it's a lot of fun. telling this stuff to Arra over the phone isn't the same. She doesn't get the whole experience because it's a visual medium and to just tell someone unless you experience you don't really get what's going on.
tonight it's midnight madness but it's not midnight yet so I have like 90 mins to kill. unfortunately artists ally and the dealers room aren't open so that's out. I guess I could go check out the video rooms but they're already past the "good parts" of the rescue gaara arc which I was going to watch so bah!
I may go back and check out "School Days" Marathon which is highlighted in my schedule but I dunno; it conflicts with Midnight madness which is an awful lot of fun.
I could have gone out to go get something to eat but I didn't want to walk down to McDonalds this late at night alone. So I skipped.
I might sleep in.
Nescaflowne is playing tomorrow at 1 am.
I think they showed the last episode of Spice and Wolf so I don't have to go watch that. if I am really like burning with the need to go watch it I can go look for it on the net.
special A is at 8 am.
There is FMV's at 12 so I might do that instead I dunno yet.
hmm...OH went to the masquerade which was was like he had a whip and would crack it and they got it done ASAP! So that was great.
hmm...what else?
Wore my black skirt with the wasn't a bad look...I'm wearing the pleated skirt with black leggings tomorrow although the leggings have a run in them…at least it's in the inner thigh. So after that I'll go to artists alley and then they dealer's room in my "finery"
Arra said I wouldn't have to keep her on a leash if there weren't any guys in uniform, and then a guy in full soldier regalia walked past...and I had to pause for a moment and just bite my tongue...after he was gone I told her about him and she laughed.
We are SO going to Sukara Con!!!
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well we're on the train and rocketing our way down to SJ. Got up at 6 am, took a shower to wake up, packed up everything I think (I am sure I've forgotten something) and trundled down to catch the muni. lord the bags are HEAVY.
at least I have an hr to get to SJ so I can at least relax my feet. I am bringing along this little keyboard although I have yet to add it to the new computer . I will when I get back I guess.
I am so SQQQUUUUUEEEEE excited about going to Fanime! I am so excited that I've exhausted myself by being excited. lol
You know how some years Fanime doesn't have the programs and schedules up? Well they've gone above and beyond this year. Not only were the video schedule up early, but the whole con schedule was up AND someone on the team has added a "Twitter" page so every time they update schedule changes and maybe room changes it will be sent to my phone as a txt message. How cool is that?!
I am so excited about this after not being able to go last year. In commemoration I picked up a couple new manga. Picked up the 3 book series Dramacon a series which looked like fun but I didn't get it when it first came out. But it's like life imitating art imitating life. We're going to a con reading about a girl going to a Con. it's fun.

I should txt message Naamen. He should be in the air right now getting ready to fly out to wiscon! I hope he has fun. last year he got a racial slur while walking with his friend. That SUCKS. makes me mad too.
Oh well.. I'll send him a txt see if he gets it and if it's his number still.

I am hopeful that TJ will txt during the con will be fun since I don't have a camera! Maybe the little phone will be able to take some pics and stuff I hope so.

And once we get back to's seriously job hunting time.

Well I made it to SJ with no problems. Jumped off the train, hopped onto the light rail and tumbled off of that to the Fairmont at like 9:30 am. One of the bell hops saw me coming and grabbed my bags for me and I checked in...he took the bags to the room.
So far so good! I like this place. It's nice. 4 stars and worth each and every one of them!
After I dropped off all the bags, I got my paper work and went back down to the Convention Center got my badge and ran off to see the first anime! I watched Wolf and Spice and it was SO GOOD. I sat in the back right in front of 3 fangirls. when they first got in they just watched silently but as they got more and more into it they began squealing and giggling

ooh! Check it out! Got my first twitter message! Says music fest is about to start. I am not going this year though. There are videos to watch which I am looking forwards to.
So far I've watched Spice and wolf ep 1-5, Macross Plus eps 1 and 2, the last part of wings of homenese which I really like. Now that's a classic anime.
I was really happy to see Macross plus on the "big screen" with a full sound system behind it.. WOW That's the way it should be seen.
I could have gone to the opening ceremony but decided instead to go back to the room, watched tv, took a bath, restyled my hair redressed and then came back.
I am looking forward to seeing Kaze no Stigma. Earlier I stayed for a bit and watched Ninja Nonsense which was....funny in a weird Japanese old pervert man way. But yeah they're really lots of fun if you're in a rooom with other people because you can laugh outloud if you like. This is one of the few places where you can giggle and talk to the screen all you like and you don't get laughed at.
Some of these anime though are GAG gag this one...but it's all in fun.
I SO can't wait to get Arra to one of these! I called her earlier today about this and what's going on and she was sounds interesting but I dunno if I wanna go to one. Sounds dangerous! lol

Anyways, Moyshimon is almost over and then it's time for kaze ne stagima the one I am waiting for. Then I have a 30 min break and then another anime...Myself: Yourself...and then it's time for AMV's top 100! That should run all night

it's like it's noon! There are people swarming all over the place. People are cosplaying and running around I am sure it is like this is the best time of their life and for some.
I am waiting for AMV's gotta find the room but while I am waiting I thought I'd write a little more.
I dunno how long I'll stay for this...
So many nartuos running around. Not so many Sasukes this year but that’s because people have kind turned against him in the lat couple of years because he left Konoha...
Lots of weird loligoths roaming around... the tall fat girls who shouldn't be cosplaying but that's one thing about this place I love so much that you can cosplay no matter what your body type. People just don't care. Although if you're super thin and pretty it goes easier on you but it's still pretty cool that you can be a walking donut and dress up. Which is why I like this place so much.
If I go to Sakura con next year I AM DEFINATLY going to dress up. I don't need to be a character but dress up as a loli or something lolilike. It will be great!

Anyway off to watch AMVs!
May type up more tomorrow or tonight depends on how it all goes.

This is cool...cause there are parents wandering around with their kids as well…thank goodness for chaperons.
I wish I had a many pics I could have taken and no camera! ARG!

12:16 am

oh my god! Just got done with AMVs...they were pretty good EXCEPT for the Animix ran a full HOUR Dance mixes set to anime @.@
If the guy had just done five mins...ten it would have been okay...but oh my god! If I ever sit through that again it will be too soon
Then other was an Antichrist piece that was ..UGH. Too violent. If I had known that, that was going to be the last piece tonight I would have left oh well. it's over and we can go back to the hotel and relax and go to sleep and come back tomorrow and do it all over again!

Tomorrow I am hoping to hit the Dealer's Room and see the Goth Loli fashion show!


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