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I home! Back in SF.
The new computer works like a little dream. I love it.
I am currently installing FFXI on it and it's chugging right along. I may not make it on the game tonight but I gave it a shot.
Time permitting I'll install the expansions tonight and if not, at least I have the basic package and Zilart up.

In other news...well there isn't any really. It's "Super Tuesday"! And I voted. not today but like last week at the Registrar. I didn't know if I had lost my ballot or not because when I came up here that other time, I didn't see it. So I went to the registrar and they said to mark it as lost.
Only to find that it was being held at the post office by our mail man. Well since I had already voted I shreded my absentee ballot so hopefully that won't effect much of anything.

I am sooo pleased with this little computer! It's so QUIET! Oh yeah..I'll be muling because theres no reason for me not to! ^^

I'll write more when I am able!
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Well, let me tell you about the way she looked
The way she acts and the color of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool, her eyes were clear and bright

That's so Arra.

Did I mention that I am home. AHHHH Back to rainy Salinas CA! *Happy*

So Arra and her people brought me over the pass, and dropped me off at home and then they came back and we went out to dinner. And then...they drove off into the darkness.
I hope they make it home okay. it's 11 so they should all be in and in bed by now.

So now I am alll alone! She's off to have grand adventures in the great white north...actually it's the great green north but who's counting?

Me? I am home looking to go shopping maybe tomorrow for some clothes and go get another manicure since the paint is coming off my nails and they are flaking and chipping. they need to look good for the job search.

Nancy gets back up to SF on Thurs. She's got a dentist appointment tomorrow....classes START on the 24th! Nanis?! What in the hell are you doing?
I am seriously thinking about getting a computer built down here, and putting Windows XP on it and then MS Office 2007 the student version. Why do I need Access and Publisher? I have the one I I dunno. If need be, I can use Open Office and/or Google Documents. got to make sure I have all my disks for like FFXI and all my other goodies. the newest Adobe and flash, and Firefox and stuff.
Divxplayer and stuff.

What else? I lost my checkbook! You leave for 2 weeks you come back and your checkbook is missing! What is the world coming to?!

So yeah...I guess clothes shopping first, then computer, then go up to SF to pay rent..again ^.^

The laptop is in a very strange place, my desk but the monitor is out so I am using the old BIG monitor and sitting on the stationary bike. Very uncomfortable so I'll go now and tidy this up tomorrow when I get set up better.

Dropped by FFXI and said hi to the Peeps. They were "happy" to see me. I missed them too.
Gonna play FFXI tomorrow too! Say hi to Dark.
AND I may try and get a new cell phone. Joy!


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