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and we're pissed off!

Yesterday was a blah day. I went to the movies, saw cloverfield. I had to take two Dramamine. When I got home I crashed on the air mattress and didn't wake up until 9 am the next day.


Today I didn't do much. made arrangements to go up to SF to get software for the new computer, which will run be around 800-900 dollars built from scratch.
Saturday da and I are off to SF to drop off alot of stuff that I collected during my month long stay at home. And to see if I didn't just leave my checkbook up there. sounds like something I would do.
Nancy is already up there so that's one less worry.
I'll take a lot of stuff up with me so I won't have so much to take back up, luggage wise when I make the trip up "peremently"

I don't want to say: "yay! Uncle Jesse's gone!" but . . .
YAY!!!! Uncle Jesse's Gone!
which mean's that the Front room is open for me to sleep in again...but do I really want move in there? I mean it's got it's own bathroom and a tv with dish I really wanna move all my junk in there?

I'll think about it

While surfing the net I saw this:

so I went to check it out...uhm..yeah

I am not sure what to think...anyone else have any opinions on it?


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