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Okay! Well it's January 2009.
Nanowrimo was in November (2 months ago) and I did not participate.
I tried it in 2007 and FAILED big time. lol
I got around 6k words in 6 days...I was so far behind I dropped out. School did not help. I am not good at doing three or four high stress things at once so for my own sanity I uh...*clears throat

Jump forward to 2008!
It kind of snuck up on me and I was just like: I have nothing. So I am not going to participate this year.

And then November passes and I kinda wished I had participated. However!!! I maintain that November is a sucky month for taking on such a large Project. You have School with mid-terms and papers and stress and Martha Stewart and starting art projects and getting shopping lists together for December and getting your food...and I am gonna quit now because I a working myself up again.

Anyways!! I came up with a YA series idea around Halloween. I began watching scary movies ON Halloween (yeah I know) and came up with this idea.
And you know how ideas are they kinda just...bubble and squeek and gestate and kick you in ribs every once in a while and when they're ready they pop out.
Maybe not fully formed but yeah...
So that's what happened with this idea. It wasn't ready for 2008 Nano. Honestly after I put it into the incubator I kinda forgot about it.

Uhm..New Years Eve my best friend says Happy new year and lets get started on that story idea!!

And I was like...what? What story?

And then I remembered that I had told her about it when she came down from WA To visit. I didn't really realize that she was really listening to me blabber on and on about this weird idea I had. And after I had you know, put it out there into the ionosphere I as like: "YAY! I feel purged!" and totally forgot.
Some author I am.

I really haven't written anything in a while. I can come up with ideas but actually getting my butt sitting down in a chair and working is quite a different ...yeah.

SO! Arra tells me! Let's write this thing!
And I began to get excited and if you haven't figured it out now, I am OCD. So I began researching wildly not so much my subject matter, because it is a collaboration and I want this book (or series of books) to be as much mine as they are Arras. So I am having to adjust my wild compulsiveness to just WRITE and wait for Arra to get back to me with her ideas of where she wants this to go.
I love seeing other peoples ideas; I feel like all the responsibility isn't on my shoulders and I am really bouncy right now.

I think it's driving Arra nuts. Lol

She has her own life, and I am going to have to adjust to that but I think I have things set up in a way that we can collaborate well. Where we can get our drafts uploaded and pass them to each other and be in sync.

So that's what I've decided to go forward with this year. A new project which will be BASICALLY A Nanowrimo but not in November >.>
Agent Query says that a YA novel is around 142 pages and 40-60k words...
Looks like we're doing a Jan/Feb Nano. As long as Arra gets back to me with the characters we're working with! I left that up to her.
Since we are going to be working with Teens and tweens and I want her to feel that this is her project too, I am letting her do a lot of character development. Mostly of our main group of 5 characters.

I'll try and keep you posted on our progress or lack thereof.

I am so excited and a little scared. Seeing at Nano in two months is - - it makes me giggly. But then again lots of things make me giggly!
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It's…Sunday (I think)
I am so tired I've lost track of days.
Arra came down from WA to visit the hubby and her mother. I was able to talk her into swinging by SF to pick me up. Saved on Train money ^^
That was nice…I've missed her. She's doing pretty well up in WA though so I can't complain. Her sister is taking good care of her.

So we drove down in the big behemoth of a truck…AFTER she zoomed past Buckingham…she came down 19th calls me up and says she's going past a Borders. I am like..okay it's your next right. She zoomed right past it…which is easy to do. The bus stops at the corner and the street itself is kind of tucked away. She drove all the way down to Serramonte and had to turn around and drive back up Junipero Serra.
But after that was done it was no problem getting home.

She dropped me off…and then I spent the next few days with the rents.

Wed I had a denstist appointment and afterwards - mouth all numb and throbbing with pain (I got 2 fillings) went to the cemetery. Then we had lunch (I cut my upper lip up but good since I couldn't feel it :P)
And then we went to the mall to pick up nancy's gummi bears :P

I think I stayed home on Thursday. Friday I went out again; we were going to go to the IMAX in Monterey but neither one of us really wanted to go sit for however long it would take. Although now on second though I really wish we had gone down there! My computer guy is down there. He maybe could have looked at Arra's laptop and tweaked it a bit. Sunday Arra wanted to go visit ppl in Rancho Cordova and I Was all TOO Happy to jump in the truck and go with her.
I don't want to move home…they harp on my constantly.
But the whole job thing doesn't look good up here. A lot of cut jobs..not a lot of hiring.

We stayed over in Rancho Cordova for the night (yay for Marriott and free breakfast!)
Then drove back on Monday. The girl is a maniac. I took a book so I would be distracted from watching the traffic. EEEK!
Tuesday she drove me back up to SF and was like: Well I better get going.
I was hoping she'd stay she looked beat!
She was just as eager to get away from her parents as I was :P

Wednesday of the new week she stayed over. YAY! Nancy and I went and got a fastpass and went to the ATM (me to get 20 bucks for the pass) and then…uhm
We came back to the apartment dragged Arra outta bed, and went to the Galleria. (not the mall…the galleria *rolls eyes*)
We went to Bath and Body Works…who had a heating problem! It was SO HOT!!! The scents of Christmas though made up for it. They have this scent called "Tree" which smells like a fresh pine tree!! It's delicious. Dropped that in my bag and I got a Peppermint foaming bath parfait. Yeah..I know. But it is REALLY nice! Bathed in it last night…ahhh… peppermint!
I wanted to get the Candy Apple but I thought nancy had picked one up…unfortunately she also got a peppermint foam bath…so two peppermints and no candy apple! *emo tear

Once we pried ourselves out of the store we stopped by the food court and then to Torrids. I like Torrids. Arra bought a shirt and a ring. And something else….bad girl!
I coveted the shoes.
Torrids is where I get all my Fanime stuff. It's a good store for that.

Then we went to have dinner…and then came home.

So at least she got out (exercise) which is more than I can say for me :P

We went downtown (nancy and I) to the Office Depot on 33rd street. It's small but it's an office depot.
I got a new mouse. It's not a logictec which I wanted but they didn't have a small one. So I had to pick up a Microsoft >.<
I don't like it. It's heavy and it's sticky on the tabletop. Logictec makes superior mice. The only reason I got the MS mouse was because it has a receiver that I can place on the desktop. I've been having trouble with my other mouse…it's like the signal can't get through the pressboard.

Then we had lunch/dinner and came home.

I am soooo happy to be home! I updated my myspace :P
I'll probably change the layout again…I am constantly tinkering with that thing.


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