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And I woke up at 8 am! Another good night. Happy!
Lets see here last night I went to AMVs watched those until 1 am then walked back to the hotel there was a photo shoot in the lobby of the Marriott with guys in full cosplay and they had "dramatic" lighting and were taking pictures.
There were three black guys walking back with us and they were like..."WTF?!"
What did they expect? It's an anime convention! It was great...

So then I went to bed and woke up at 8 am took a shower and packed up.
Lord my igloo leaked! I am so pissed off. I left a huge wet spot on the floor I hope I am not charged for it. Anyways I left a lot of things behind. AND My phone charger...but I went down to the desk and they had security go up and get it for me. So the whole stay was cheaper than I was expecting. I put aside 500 dollars for the room and only used $360 or so…maybe the full 500 was for the whole con? I am not sure. Anyway checked out and am now having the bellboys watching my stuff. I am gonna hit the anime fans over 30 panel (in which I am watching now) and then head back to the hotel I think, get a cab and go to the train.

I am so glad I took the Neo with me. I can type/write stuff up.
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well we're on the train and rocketing our way down to SJ. Got up at 6 am, took a shower to wake up, packed up everything I think (I am sure I've forgotten something) and trundled down to catch the muni. lord the bags are HEAVY.
at least I have an hr to get to SJ so I can at least relax my feet. I am bringing along this little keyboard although I have yet to add it to the new computer . I will when I get back I guess.
I am so SQQQUUUUUEEEEE excited about going to Fanime! I am so excited that I've exhausted myself by being excited. lol
You know how some years Fanime doesn't have the programs and schedules up? Well they've gone above and beyond this year. Not only were the video schedule up early, but the whole con schedule was up AND someone on the team has added a "Twitter" page so every time they update schedule changes and maybe room changes it will be sent to my phone as a txt message. How cool is that?!
I am so excited about this after not being able to go last year. In commemoration I picked up a couple new manga. Picked up the 3 book series Dramacon a series which looked like fun but I didn't get it when it first came out. But it's like life imitating art imitating life. We're going to a con reading about a girl going to a Con. it's fun.

I should txt message Naamen. He should be in the air right now getting ready to fly out to wiscon! I hope he has fun. last year he got a racial slur while walking with his friend. That SUCKS. makes me mad too.
Oh well.. I'll send him a txt see if he gets it and if it's his number still.

I am hopeful that TJ will txt during the con will be fun since I don't have a camera! Maybe the little phone will be able to take some pics and stuff I hope so.

And once we get back to's seriously job hunting time.

Well I made it to SJ with no problems. Jumped off the train, hopped onto the light rail and tumbled off of that to the Fairmont at like 9:30 am. One of the bell hops saw me coming and grabbed my bags for me and I checked in...he took the bags to the room.
So far so good! I like this place. It's nice. 4 stars and worth each and every one of them!
After I dropped off all the bags, I got my paper work and went back down to the Convention Center got my badge and ran off to see the first anime! I watched Wolf and Spice and it was SO GOOD. I sat in the back right in front of 3 fangirls. when they first got in they just watched silently but as they got more and more into it they began squealing and giggling

ooh! Check it out! Got my first twitter message! Says music fest is about to start. I am not going this year though. There are videos to watch which I am looking forwards to.
So far I've watched Spice and wolf ep 1-5, Macross Plus eps 1 and 2, the last part of wings of homenese which I really like. Now that's a classic anime.
I was really happy to see Macross plus on the "big screen" with a full sound system behind it.. WOW That's the way it should be seen.
I could have gone to the opening ceremony but decided instead to go back to the room, watched tv, took a bath, restyled my hair redressed and then came back.
I am looking forward to seeing Kaze no Stigma. Earlier I stayed for a bit and watched Ninja Nonsense which was....funny in a weird Japanese old pervert man way. But yeah they're really lots of fun if you're in a rooom with other people because you can laugh outloud if you like. This is one of the few places where you can giggle and talk to the screen all you like and you don't get laughed at.
Some of these anime though are GAG gag this one...but it's all in fun.
I SO can't wait to get Arra to one of these! I called her earlier today about this and what's going on and she was sounds interesting but I dunno if I wanna go to one. Sounds dangerous! lol

Anyways, Moyshimon is almost over and then it's time for kaze ne stagima the one I am waiting for. Then I have a 30 min break and then another anime...Myself: Yourself...and then it's time for AMV's top 100! That should run all night

it's like it's noon! There are people swarming all over the place. People are cosplaying and running around I am sure it is like this is the best time of their life and for some.
I am waiting for AMV's gotta find the room but while I am waiting I thought I'd write a little more.
I dunno how long I'll stay for this...
So many nartuos running around. Not so many Sasukes this year but that’s because people have kind turned against him in the lat couple of years because he left Konoha...
Lots of weird loligoths roaming around... the tall fat girls who shouldn't be cosplaying but that's one thing about this place I love so much that you can cosplay no matter what your body type. People just don't care. Although if you're super thin and pretty it goes easier on you but it's still pretty cool that you can be a walking donut and dress up. Which is why I like this place so much.
If I go to Sakura con next year I AM DEFINATLY going to dress up. I don't need to be a character but dress up as a loli or something lolilike. It will be great!

Anyway off to watch AMVs!
May type up more tomorrow or tonight depends on how it all goes.

This is cool...cause there are parents wandering around with their kids as well…thank goodness for chaperons.
I wish I had a many pics I could have taken and no camera! ARG!

12:16 am

oh my god! Just got done with AMVs...they were pretty good EXCEPT for the Animix ran a full HOUR Dance mixes set to anime @.@
If the guy had just done five mins...ten it would have been okay...but oh my god! If I ever sit through that again it will be too soon
Then other was an Antichrist piece that was ..UGH. Too violent. If I had known that, that was going to be the last piece tonight I would have left oh well. it's over and we can go back to the hotel and relax and go to sleep and come back tomorrow and do it all over again!

Tomorrow I am hoping to hit the Dealer's Room and see the Goth Loli fashion show!


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