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I was out all day Sunday and was driving my traveling companion nuts trying to get online to find out the results. Ultimately I couldn't and was a nervous wreck as we got closer and closer to the house.
Did I want to know if Rachel Alexandra won? or did I want to see if she had lost?

I have faith in this filly but she's still a horse and not a machine. Things happen! It may well take an act of god to have her beat but still...a fever pops up, or she doesn't finish all her feed, or there is slight heat in a leg and the race is off.
Well God did put in his 2 cents and had it rain.

I got home and refreshed the Bloodhorse, Daily Racing Form, and Thoroughbred Horse Times websites and saw...Rachel Alexandra beats the boys in the Slop!
Oh thank goodness!
A click on the video link...

She didn't not just beat the boys...she DESTROYED them! EASILY! Handily! Spine Tingely! (that's not a word miss writer person!)
oh wow. She looked so good doing it too.
Still...that little niggle of apprehension is fluttering in my stomach. Did she come back well? She did sort of slip coming out of the gate but bounced to her feet within a stride or two. Wow! Very cat like.

When she finally said..."okay. I am ready to go now" she just eased right on by the hard trying Munnings and zipped over to the rail. Meanwhile Summer Bird forced Munnings out into the track as he slipped on the turn. They were not going to catch her today. When she opened up and no one was making a run at was over.

Right now the racing fans and the racing writers are cheering her to the skies. But just a few months ago it was: "You can't run her against the boys! Just think about poor ill-fated Eightbelles!"
and now it's: "She's the best thing since Ruffian!"
Make up your minds!!

Will she ever face Zenyatta? Unless Zenyatta's connections move her out of CA probably not.
Does Mr. Jackson have a valid complaint against plastics? I don't know. Curlin ran on it...I don't know if he liked it or not. He was coming off a strong and hard campaign. He looked much like Cigar. TIRED.
It does make me wonder...what is neutral ground?
Arlington? Oaklawn? Suffolk Downs?
Texas maybe? It has to be a track with dirt though and it has to be held at a good time for both of them. Not right now during their summer campaigns and I'd have to look at the calendar to pencil in a time in the fall.
I seriously believe that Mr. Jackson and the Zenyatta connections have probably talked to each other via phone to try and figure this out.

If the two sides were able to come to an agreement would that knock Rachel out of the Travers? She's doing well with the 5 weeks between races cycle. It's not very practical but it seems to be working for her. She's fresh and relaxed when she goes to post.
I like this filly a lot and don't want anything bad happening to her. I do hope they do come to an agreement and have a race for her against Zenyata. Only then will the questions be put to a stop. and then we get the whole: "if this had happened she would have won!" And I'll let you fight over which "She" I am talking about.
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I was reading on a blog Comics Worth Reading (

about OEL (Original English Language "manga") and that evolved into Joesi and that evolved into "why isn't this stuff selling?"


So first off: OEL

Original English Language "manga" or comics or whatever.

I don't mind it.

I love Dramacon! But I don't think I have any other OEL titles in my library.  That doesn't mean if I could find one that I liked, that I wouldn't buy it.  You have to find the stuff first before you can say weather you like it or not.

I picked up "Return to the Labyrinth" because it was Labyrinth. I like the story too. The artwork for me personally was an afterthought. I am sure I just killed a little muse somewhere! I am sorry! I am sorry! Let me see if I can …

I appreciate the artists hard work. I enjoy seeing the actions illustrated. To me it doesn't matter to what style the art is in. It's ART. It's giving the whole story another dimension for me to enjoy it in. I wonder if that makes sense…?


For me it's all about story. If the story grabs your attention and draws you in, the artwork just gives form to the structure. I can enjoy artwork that isn't "Japanese". I mean even Japanese mangaka have different styles.

You can't get much different than the artwork from Hana-kimi, to Nartuo, to The Wallflower. The Wallflower admittedly takes a little bit of getting used to, but for me it was this hilarious story of Sunako and the 4 Bishoenen which grabbed my attention.


I don't go to comic book stores. The manga titles I pick up are sold at Borders and B. Daltons. People at these stores are lucky if they can find the gardening books much less if they can tell me what titles are from Japanese artists and which ones are from English Language artists.  Also it's a little hard to find new titles at the local Borders because the floor is "littered" by the kids who pull books off the shelves and then just sit in the aisle and read them. *unhappy sigh*



I didn't know what this term was, so I Googled it. That's what sent me to Comics worth reading blog. When the entry there mention the manga "Tramps like us" I was like: "OH!!!!"


Some of the commenter's were talking about why it's a shame that Josei isn't selling in the states.  I got to thinking...well maybe one reason is because maybe the "Girls" (who it's targeted at) may not know the term for it.  But if they did they'd look for it.

I mean many of us started out with Sailor Moon, we're growing up and want more grown up stuff to read.

Sure I'll pick up a Shojo title if it looks interesting.

Also are they "marketing" it right? going to the Cons and do they know where their potential buyers are hanging out? Online? In real life? Where do they get their information?

I remember the great Harliquin manga experiment. I never bought any but I found a couple in the bookstores...there were a couple of problems with it.

1) where do you put them?

I found them in the manga section but they were Romances. But you never found them there.

2) the two different versions. Pink for girls, Purple for women.

and the ink for the artwork WAS prink and purple. For me it was a turn off.

3) the stories were SO BAD!!! UGH.

They were like cheap-y 80's stories and since it's manga and ONE ISSUE manga at that...the whole story had to be wrapped up in one volume. It was alot of work to cram into a little book.

They were short; not 170+ pages. So you're having to put in the story and the just doomed from the beginning.

4) the Artwork. VERY 80's!  It was very old school.

If you're trying to cash in on girls who have grown up from shojo but want a more adult romance DO NOT TRY THIS!!!

They were bad...really bad.

That it failed to a person who actually READS manga it was no surprise.


There was another article about men's manga not selling well or at all.  A commenter stated that boys will cross over into the shojo section but that it's less likely that girls cross over into shonen section.

I would say not so...especially if they guys are good looking. lol.

At the con I go too the girls seem to be pretty well educated on the different properties. I mean just look at the cosplayers.

For myself I'll read a shonen if it catches my interest.

I like Naruto (dodges rocks) and I am LOVING "Until Death Do us Part" (Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu made) by Hiroshi Takashige (Blind sword dude is SO COOL!). I haven't started on Bleach or Death Note...300+ issues?! I just don't want to put the time in. That's a real big investment.


Then I got to looking at my abbreviated bookcase...and it occurred to me that picking up and collecting manga isn't as easy as just stopping by the comic book store and picking up that week's releases.

I mean each one of these little books costs around 10 bucks!

I have 17 volumes of The 10.95 each. That's around $200 of manga!! OMG!!!!

That's an investment!

I have all of Hana-Kimi, Tramps like us, Fake, Eerie Queery (which was only 3 issues but still that's $30 bucks!) and I am slowly collecting Kare Kano, Skip Beat, Ouran High School Host Club, Goong, One Thousand and One Nights, Bride of the Water God, and Gravitation.


But yeah...when you look at it that way that's a lot of money! Disposable income my hind foot! Is it no wonder that I read scanlations?! However! If a good series that I've already started reading the scanlations for gets picked up and brought over, I DO BUY IT. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Natsume Yujin-Cho! And I hope someone picks up "Until Death Do us Part" I WANT THAT ONE!!!!



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FINALLY After a YEAR or more! THEY FINALLY released the first part of Sasuke's fight with Orochimaru!!!!!
I've been waiting for this. Have suffered through fillers and hate and lots of ugliness! and finally it is here!!!
Next week more fight and slicing and dicing of snakes!

New idea

Jun. 13th, 2009 09:49 am
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I came up with a new idea! Actually it's an old idea but I think I finally have an idea (the core of the plot ie. the reason why) all hammered out to MY satisfaction.
It's going to be a Neji/Sasuke fic...blatantly borrowed for Hellagoddess's work: "Wide of the Mark". I dunno where she went. I've emailed and "reviewed" that story a few response.
So, I decided that since I like the idea of Neji/Sasu I'd rework it and post it.

The only part that is the same is that it will be Neji/Sasu and Sasuke will be "hidden" in the sexy no jutsuu with a henge on top. The rest of it is all mine.
What makes it hard is the time line...
1) where to put it in cannon?
There really isn't much room to squeeze it in before Sasuke makes a break for it and rushes off to Orochimaru OR place it totally AU and have it set in a time where it's after the timeskip and Sasu comes back to Konoah and right now, in the cannon story line, I don't see that happening.
2)  In cannon Sasuke is 13 and Neji is 14 so that makes the whole "consummation of the marriage" scene tricky...and probably illegal in many places. >.<
But if you place it after the timeskip Sasu is 16 and Neji 17, which is more reasonable...However it doesn't work for the cannon storyline.

However if I place it before the timeskip it would "explain" why Sasu is considered a missing Nin.
It would make the neji/sasu relationship more believable.
It allows both characters to grow emotionally and mature together instead of apart and separated.
And it would "help" when Sasu pops up again in his natural form.

My next "problem" is...where to post it?
I am thinking here. and maybe AFF and Fanfic net (maybe) the whole age thing though is a stumbling block. To make it fit in cannon it has to be placed prior to the timeskip.
I could make it AU but...those don't appeal to me as a reader, why would I post one as a writer?
So it's going to be as close to cannon as I can put it.

So! Be prepared for near death experiences!
Hokages who have to cover up missing nins!
Starcrossed "lovers" and embryo transfers!'s gonna be a weird hybrid-mpreg but I LIKE MPreg so nyeh! on anyone who turns their nose up at it. :P

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And once again it's the end of the annual fanime con...I am so depressed.  I can't believe it's over until next year. *pout

I was so draggy last year but I am rather pleased...I didn't get the plushies though so that wasn't a good thing.  BUT I got the ears.

I so wanted to swing by the Artist Alley, but I don't think I'll get around to it but who knows things happen.


You know that it's been a long convention when you notice the Otaku staggering around like drunks.

Right now it's currently time for all the otaku to start their migrations out of the their hotel rooms and bother poor harried bell boys and demand them to come get their bags and knick knacks.

I have deiced that I won't be bringing so much stuff next year one because it leaves more room for goodies...and I need a job so I can BUY goodies!  But also it gives me room to repack all that crap back into the bags! OH MY GOD So much stuff!  I need to bring less clothes and things so I can at least stuff all the stuff back into my suitcase! Or at least it will be a little lighter. Hm…or maybe I should just get bigger luggage…


 I am so disappointed in myself.  I went to the anime for people over 30 panel...I am such a bad person.

*wah wah!


Today it's presented by Jonathan Osbourn, who is rather funny but has a tendency to overwhelm people and take over a topic of conversation solely by the volume of his voice.

So we got dragged around a lot but we the people in the room did push back and we had a nice hour long talk about Anime and what drew us to anime.


I wasn't happy but, I went anyways. It was kinda meh. Mr. Poitras didn't make it...although I noticed him wandering around the concourse later. Maybe he just didn't want to wake up that early.


One of the ladies there said that she sends around $5,000 on this convention! Can you imagine that?!

She and her daughter and her friends stay over all 4 days of the convention…and she spends that much on it?! And that's not even cosplay. What the heck is she buying?! She lives in SJ so it's not like it's travel expenses…wow…

She used to live down in So. Cal and went to Anime Expo..THE CON. She says that it has lost it's "charm" because it's so darn big anymore. She likes this convention better. She says that there is a "Ballroom" there that can hold up to 50,000 people. *Boggles


One question that I'll probably gnaw on is:  "What keeps you interested in anime?"

I'll have to think about it…


Okay so once I escaped that panel...which was more on track this year than last year, I went back to the room and packed up my luggage. Changed my clothes and checked out. I had them hold my bags for me then went to the convention center.


I wateched the last of the AnimeMusic video Top 100 videos (24-1) and a few other little AMVs. Then wandered over to Stage Zero. Stood around a bit and soaked up what was left of the fanime experience. I could have stayed for closing ceremonies but it's like…you don't want it to end. So if you don't "participate" in some of the things it won't in a way…I am not sure what I am trying to say.

I picked up some stuff off the tables that they have. Doubles: one for me, one for Arra. I'll send them off to her when I get a chance.


I slowly wandered out the front doors and looked at the last lingering cosplayers and watched the Jesus … people. Okay. I'll have to rant about them…but I'll do it in a separate post. They make me go GRRR.


Then I collected my bags from the hotel and caught the lite rail and went home….

Other than those last few tweets….Fanime is over again for another year.


I can't WAIT till 2010!!!


With Tour of California being held on the same weekend?! Hmmm…choices choices!


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Con Sunday!

MAN I am beat! I got in at 2:00 am and slept for like 5 hrs...I am draggin!
I got up around 7...was going to go to a panel at ten..but decided not to and stayed in bed then ventured out at noon. I wanted to see anime chess but I am too tired to go. SO I am back at the room and am going to try and take a nap. I don't remember being so tired last year. uh...
They are also doing a whole bunch of cosplay gatherings but I am too tired to go enjoy any of it.
They're going to replay Death Fantasy tonight at 11...I'll go watch it again!

I stayed in all day. I watched Deadliest catch marathons and Jon and Kate +8  and the inside 9/11 documentary on nat geo. other than that I didn't do much except feel sorry for myself.  I am kinda hungry and I have a couple of hrs before I "have" to be back here to watch the death fantasy thing. I may go I may not I am not sure... Iam sleepy but I don't want to take anything to wake me up because I am going to take a pill if I can find it when I get back to the room and get a full nights sleep.
I went back through the program today while just hanging out in the room and saw a few things I would have LOVED to see but didn't check them out earlier...I can only hope that they decided to repeate them next year...I am sad now.

Panels I missed and wanted to go to include:

Anime Hell Lounge
Yelling back at the screen with Ric Meyers
Older titles for newer fans with Gilles Poitras
Anime and Manga for Grown-ups with Gilles Poitras
Anime impact on USA Cartoons
commoners' games (which sounded absolutely hilarious...but I think it was in conflict with something else)
Cosplay: overdoing it
Gaia Online panel/gathering
How to cosplay on a budget
Intro to Lolita & Fashion show
JRock: Harajuku and beyond
The RPG genre
The ultimate geekdom panel
Visual Kei: More than music

I enjoyed the Short film showcase and the AMVs and Anime Hell. I wanted to see AMVs that should have made the top 100 list...but I mean between all the panels, stage zero, the masque, the video rooms, walking around to see the cosplayers, the dealer's rooms, eating, sleeping, and bathing there just aren't enough hours in the day!!!

 Today was a pretty good day to just hang out in the room and do nothing. If I was really into it, I would have gone down and taken pics with everyone but I didn't...was too tired.

I can't WAIT To get home and download videos from youtube.
I love this place! you can wear things here that you can't anywhere else unless you have a killer attitude and just don't care.  What else was on the idea list of things to do on Sunday?

Before the con I went to the website and was extremely excited to see the pocket guide.  I tried to get Nancy's computer to print it out..but it was only going to print it out one sheet at a time..and that was like 40 sheets. HELL NO
Luckily I noticed the PDF of alternate schedules and one that had Stage Zero on it.
I printed that one out and brought it with me to the con.
ANYWAYS:   Sunday
I went to the panel on Anime for Parents. While I like Mr.Poitras I think he's a little too caught up on Shonen stuff honestly. But I mean he's a man and so that's what draws him.
I don't like these panel when they ask us: Well what things are you into?
my mind goes blank.  I mean I am reading Junjo Romantica and Skip Beat.  yeah. I don't think I'd bring those up in polite society. However I got to thinking about it and I kinda wondered why he didn't bring up Kare Kano or Hana-kimi. I like The Wallflower...I think it has a good positive message even if Sunako is rather dark. ^.^
I loved Tramps like Us because Sumire even though she was such a strong modern woman had her self esteem issues and I liked how Momo stuck with her through everything.
And my new "Darling" is With the Light which I think I should bludgeon Mr. Poitras over the head with ^.^
There are others but I have a horrible memory for titles if I was at home I'd list more.

I stayed in that room for the Carl Horn Dark Horse Manga thing. They said that Dark Horse had a GREAT panel up at Sakura Con so I wanted the skinny on what was up and coming. He had  previews on some new things that they are publishing. Especially Oh my Goddess!! ooooo...

After that I went back to the room...BAH!
I wanted to go check out A Cosplay for You panel, So you Wanna live in Japan panel, Gaia online, How to Cosplay on a Budget, the Shippuden Move 2 - Bonds. Sasuke! SQUEEE!
and the Music video contest.
From my window I watched partisipants go over to the Fairmont for the Black and White Ball. I felt sorry for myself and stuff...called Arra but didn't actually sleep. So much for nap time. I was tired but not sleepy. Go fig.

I did drag my butt out of bed to go down and watch Nescaflowne! I love that movie. and after that!!! They played Fanboy Beebop! I liked that one too!
After all that I walked the con center because I Wanted to check it out..and I hadn't...and I got glomped. I feel so violated!!! lol
After I was able to pry the fanboys off...I wandered back to Stage Zero and rewatched Dead Fantasy and then wandered home....sleep! Glorious Sleep!

Maybe I'll be more charged up tomorrow.
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Day Two!

It's 7:08 am. I woke up about an hr ago.  These beds are HOT.  Should I make tea and take it with me?

I am going to the Stage Zero First day recap and then at 8:30 am I am going to go watch AMV Hell 3. And then I dunno go to the bank? And then take a stroll through the dealer's room? Or I could go to the bank now...So I am gonna go. Leave this keyboard here cause I'll be back after a little bit because there's nothing to do this early.



okay! SO I went to the Kung Fu showing...which was like the only thing I really had on the schedule today.  And it was really good!  He didn't show the same stuff as he did last year this was "new" stuff and gave a little perspective on what's going on in the theater in Asia right now.  And it was good.

And then I "missed a call" from home >.<

They harshed my happy. 


They were calling to tell me that I was now 1k in debt! That the hotel was charging $600 and some change for the room.

And I was like...Nuh-Uh!! 

And they were like WAY.


So I went down stairs to go talk to the staff.  And while tripping down the stairs I tore off a 1/4 of my big toes nail. OUCH And BLOOD! EVERYWHERE! This is the worst nail tear I've ever had. it hurts but not so bad that I am limping; I am not. And I am stilling going to the Masque! 


Anyways I get downstairs and the girl is all like...well the room is under Marlyin Brown...and I am like...she couldn't make it. I am the only one in the room. So she asked me if I wanted to move over to a King sized room. Yesterday during check-in there was a lady who was hoping for a double because her daughter sleeps like an octopus and flails about everywhere!  So I told the girl: Sure I am willing to move. So I told her I had to go to do something but on my way down I would drop off the keys.

So that's what I'll do after I take a bath and change for the Masque.


I'm so staying at the Hilton next year!!!!


See you either later tonight...or tomorrow morning.


There was a very pronounced police presence this year….

I don't know how that makes me feel. A little jumpy.  Because cops don't show up unless there's trouble.  And I don't like to be places where there is trouble. Anyways while waiting in line at for the Masque I noticed at least 6 patrol cars, and strolling paired patrol men walking up and down the line.

There was a guy in front of me who had just bought a sword and a rover came by and told him that he was going to either have to put it in his room, or in his car because they wouldn't allow him into the Civic Center if he had it. And if he unsheathed it, the Cops could charge him with having a deadly weapon.

So he had to call his grandparents to come down and pick it up and take it home for him.


There was a slight disturbance in the line like 20 feet in front of us. The cops yanked some kid out of line…but I dunno what happened to him or anything. I never heard anything. There might be something on the boards though.


So the Masque was okay in starts and stops.  They had some walk ons in the beginning. and two martial arts groups before the show. Then the show itself started out really slow. And then there was a pokemon skit!

This was SO EPIC!!! EVERYONE sang along and it got a standing ovation. It was great. There were a couple after that...but for the most part it was Pokemon the winner all the way as it came to comedy and what not.  I kind of felt sorry for the groups after it because how do you beat this?!
With Stagecraft!!!!! And that's kinda what happened. But the judges had to give them something because it was clearly the crowd favorite.



It's kind of strange. It seems that with the masque, that we'll have great skits all the way through one year, and the next year it's: Meh. And then the next year it's really good! And then the next..meh.

So this year was kind of a meh year.  I had heard that this year the committee screened the skits before they went on. So we didn't get so many lucky star skits like we did last year.

If they did: THANK YOU!


Now it's off to Stage Zero to see Dead Fantasy again...IF they can get it to play. They're having technical difficulties right now.  But meh.  They'll probably get it going and I have no other place to be so I'll stick around. Other people aren't so patient and left.

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I woke up this morning to a sharp pain in my stomach.  At first I panicked...I am not ashamed to say I did so.  I mean yeah you would panic too if the convention you really wanted to go to was only hrs away and you had a pain.  And then I told myself to calm down.  Visions of the 2007 Jack London Writer's conference going through my head.

I developed a real bad pain in my stomach and was throwing up. It got so bad that I called a cab and went to the emergency room...thereby missing the writer's convention. 

They ran a whole bunch of tests on me, and my parents even came up.  They could never find anything....but after a few hrs I figured out what it was. It was an anxiety attack.  I am not normally that bad...but I got super excited and made myself sick. to the tune of oh...$2,000.

It was 5 am and I was scheduled to get up at 6:00 so I calmed myself down and went back to sleep.  6:05 am Nancy peeks her head in the door and asks if I am awake.  My alarm didn't go off.

I am glad she was on top of it.


I found the eyeshadow...although I am not sure if I'll use it. And packed away some of the last odds and ends. My only happiness is that I know I am not bringing all that stuff back UP with me.  It's so heavy!!!


Okay...on the train. Waiting for it to pull out.  I caught the baby bullet 8:59 am.  I got here really early.  You can't always tell with the MUNI. you could leave at 7:00 am and get across town an hr later.

I left at 7:30 or so...and got here around 8:14. I got my ticket and waited for the doors to open. I threw my bags up onto the car and climbed in after them.  And so here I am.


I would say I am not as excited as I was last year...but that would be a bit of a lie. I am just not bouncing up and down like I was last year. I feel better.  It's cold right now...cloudy. They say it will be around 70-80's in SJ this weekend. I am looking forward to it.

my excitement is more of a smoldering burn rather than a bright flame.  So looking forward to this!

This con is the one thing I look forward to every year.

I printed out the schedule and brought a blue and an orange highlighter with me to mark it. So I am more prepared than last year.


And we are OFF! I'll write more later once I get to the con.


Fanime 2009!  Here we come!


And we have arrived!!!

*happy sigh.  More than a few people with netbooks.  The St. Claire won't check me in until three which is a normal time but the Fairmont was much more accommodating.  I've seen a couple of people already with netbooks... I want one!!! It would make blogging a lot easier I'll tell you that. I love my little keyboard though.


I've kept my backpack so I am not totally without provisions. But I left the rest of the stuff with the hotel staff. This is the nicest program that Fanime has ever produced. 

My phone has like half a charge left >.<

I've been taking a whole bunch of pics for arra... I should go and thin them out.

I'll take a pic of my keyboard and the phone later when I can get my stuff.

You know what would make these badges even nicer? Having lanyards for them.


Okay write more later. Off to watch anime!!!!!


it's 11:30 pm at night... I just got back from watching Death Fantasy parts 1-6.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!

Oh my God! I have NEVER seen anything like that!! It's a cross over between Death or Alive (I think) and Final Fantasy.  it's really good! I am so happy I got to see it.  They say the creator is going to debut even MORE Footage at Anime-Expo. AWWWW we aren't going.

oh well


Anyways before that I went to 3 panels...uhm Manga and Amine for older folk, Jonathan Osborn - Voice Actor, and Awesomely bad j-pop videos. I left that at 10 to catch Dead Fantasy...


Got through registration easy peasy and checked out the 3 I came back to the hotel...which was SLOW. I am so staying at the Hilton next year.  I had heard good things about the ST. Claire. Too bad it's not living up to the words that I heard. There is no room service. The room is tiny. If I HAD had two people in here we couldn't both have fit. I am so not pleased.


The only "good" thing is that I found a fridge...or wine thing in the cupboard. I put all the juices and cokes in it for now...


Tomorrow I think I have panel first thing...or stage zero. They're going to play a recap of the first day. I am going to go check that out. Then I think I have a panel to go to...or a video thing...I'll check the schedule. I want to go see the Ric Myer thing!!! I saw bits and pieces of it last year and it was funny.


uhmmm...what else?  Check out the Dealer's room I guess...OH! Go to the bank and get some money and take a stroll through the Dealer's room or Artist's alley and pick up a t-shirt.

I am a little wired...I drank a jolt before I left but I am also sleepy so I am going to try and go to sleep.


Signing off!

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I'll tell you what: Rachel Alexandra's former owner was a MORON.

He said that the Derby was a race to showcase the future sires of the business...and that STALLIONS should run with Stallions and Fillies with Fillies.

and the Derby was won by A GELDING!

His whole statement is riddled with by definition is a showcase for the sires...the ones who have retired and are now siring the current racing generation.
Besides if it is a showcase for future sires WHY Allow geldings to run at all?

I think he's just old and trying to cover his @$$ if you ask me.

Notice how in the run up to the Preakness, while "Everyone" Was talking about how great and wonderful Rachel is/was NO ONE Mentioned her in the same sentence as the tragic Ruffian.
Only after she won did Ruffian's name get mentioned a few times.

To "Blame" Eight Bells for bringing down racing is short sighted and stupid. Eight Bells was a good filly, she had heart and try, and courage...but she also was sired by a horse who was known to be fragile.
Yeah you can look at the track, and the competition, and the distance and all the other factors but you also have to look at BREEDING as well.
For centuries it's been "Breed the Best to the Best and hope for the Best"...when it's come down to "The Best" being only bred for breeding in the future with little consideration towards structural soundness what else do you expect?

I loved Real Quiet but almost everyone knows about his conformational problems. The knees that had to be wired to make them straight, that his nickname was "The Fish" Because of how narrow he was.

Unbridled Song, Eight Belle's sire, could of had a longer career than he did if the owner hadn't have pushed him to be dropped into races which he was physically unstable to run in.

But I guess that's neither here nor there anymore...

Let's wait a few days, see how Rachel comes back from this race and this GREAT Effort. Will she be sore? Did she come back in good order? Any soreness? Any breathing problems? And muscle strain?
Is she eating well? Still yanking the exercise rider out of the saddle as she gallops around the track in the morning?

If she trains up well to the Belmont I don't see why Jess Jackson wouldn't enter her.
Sure Rags to Riches had what? 4 weeks? 5 weeks between her last race and her confrontation with Curlin in the Belmont? She was fresh and ready to take him on. HE had run the Derby then come back two weeks later and ran a SUPER Race to nip Street Sense, then had to come back ANOTHER Three weeks and fought tooth and nail and JUST Missed winning the Belmont.

Can Rachel Alexandra flourish and come back to make the Belmont? I don't know. She's in a new barn, with a new conditioner, and new staff...I hope she takes to it, settles in, and trains well.

If they DO run her, I don't think we'll see her on the front end again. She's more of a stalker. Check out youtube to see some of her other races; she comes from off the pace. In the Preakness I think they had to gun her out and get her clear. They knew that if they let her sit off they others would try to box her in or make her run wide. Get her caught up in traffic. She ran a Great race...and if you look at the replay...I don't think Mine that Bird would have caught her.
He didn't catch her at the wire, even though she was tiring and drifting a bit. And he didn't catch her in the gallop out. She was not going to give way. They let her settle and rate, then make a smooth move into the stretch of Belmont park...and I think she has it.

But so did Smarty Jones! And look who beat him! Birdstone! Mine that Bird's papa. He was small too. ^.^
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So here it is Monday around 7:30 and I am on the train going back up to SF. JUST made the 168...I feel bad now.
I've been riding the 100 buses uhm like 5 times maybe 6 and I found out today that I've been under paying.
Fare is $3.50 and I've been handing over $1.75. OOPS
I gave the lady correct fare today thank goodness I had it or I'd be in trouble.

Anyways this was a in a sense productive weekend. I got a new travel mug. Looked around at travel stuff...and bought a few things I probably shouldn't have. I did talk to mom about the CC but I didn't push it. I'll email dad later on and ask him about it.
I also forgot to bring up the cord for the camera which I have in my bag. Was ALMOST Too late for the 6:24 am 168 bus but just made it.

This weekend I found out that I GOT an invite to join Dreamwidth! YAY! So I got an account. I dunno how I feel about it or what I'll do with it. I first heard about Dreamwidth at yaoi con last year. I didn't go to the panel but a few of the girls of the LJ panel had gone and were really excited by what they heard and transferred that on to us. If I wasn't a member of that Anstel insane journal I probably wouldn't have heard anything about the invite codes or anything...
I'm kind of excited about this. I hope they are able to keep it going Times are hard and they're asking for around $25 dollars for a basic paid account and $40 a year for a premium these times that's a lot of money. I was thinking about just buying a membership (if I didn't get an invite) but at $25 I don't think I have the money.

All I DO know is that yesterday the servers went down a few times there was so much traffic. I haven't played around with my site yet or the layout so it is still very much basic.
I think I'll put slash stuff on there though and writing experiments.

Talking about experiments I got to thinking about that story about the space ship crash again.
I was thinking about calling the guide: The Moron's guide to space travel.
Of course the first chapter will have something like. Welcome to space travel. Even if this is your first flight pr your hundredth this guide was written with you in mind. Don't take this guide as the end all be all of all safe space travel but use it as a supplement to your journey. Listen to your flight crew and enjoy one of the most rewarding means of modern travel."
Of course the first chapter is all about So this is your first space flight! What to expect.
Everything that the book says can go wrong....goes wrong in this flight.
It is going to be a bit of a dark comedy I think. Where you turn the page and "bad things" happen. but in a funny way. I am hoping to write it in such a way that when bad things do happen the reader will be all like: "I knew that was going to happen" but chuckling that it is happening and willing to find out how the passengers are going to get out of this. Or at least this one passenger whom we are following. I don't want to panic anyone I want it to be funny and I think it will be funny if I can write it correctly.
I am giggling just thinking about it but that doesn't mean much of anything. a butterfly can make me laugh. I am simple in the head that way.

I really don't want to move home...Not that I don't love my parents but...the house is too small. Can you believe that? But it is! We may meet in the mornings for light conversation but then we just scatter to our rooms and don't come out.
That house isn't made so much for living but for sleeping in and leaving. I want to stay in SF.
oh well we'll see how that all works out.

As we drove through SJ this morning on the bus I noticed that the street banners are up for Fanime! I am so excited about that! I am SO going. Talked to mom about it a bit. and she's like "Are you going to go"
and I am like" I want to."
And she says "Well I guess it's not too far for you to travel if you come down from SF everyday."
And I am thinking...HELL NO! It would be VERY expensive and there's no way I'd do that anyways.
Coming down every day dressed up? HA!
I didn't tell them I had already reserved a room. Although I did tell her that I had already bought my ticket.
She seemed a little impressed that so many people show up for these things. 20,000 a day at Sakura con and 13 million pumped into the local economy. Fantasy really pays!
I wanna cash in :P

I should write Naamen and tell him about wanting to go see him and not being able to go.
I really wanted to heard his manifesto; it was probably stellar. Naames's cool like that.

I am kind of excited about going home. I'll probably bite the bullet and buy the UDPP when we go to Sephora. If I can get those video files to load onto my mp3 player I'll at least have the tutorials.
paint on the face! paint on the face!

What else?
Dad's birthday was Saturday...he's got a cold. Not "THE FLU" but a cold. He's not a spring chicken anymore, he's got to be careful with it. I don't think he thinks of himself as old but he is and the elderly are more susceptible to getting really worn down when it comes to colds and stuff.
He's got to be careful.

We just pulled into Mnt.View…MAN there are a lot of people waiting to get on the train! eek! I guess it's a good thing I put my bags under my seat. At least there's room for one more person to sit at this table. No table space but they can at least sit. ^.^

let me see here...what else?
The bus tourists that crashed are headed home and they say they're in good health and stuff.
OH while I was home I walked to the store. When I am home I don't walk as much as when I am in SF. At home it's like...I need to go to the store, hop in the car. I want to go to the mall...hop in the car.
in SF it's all lets walk down to west portal...lord no! or lets walk down to the school...or lets walk to the "Galleria"!
Walk and take the bus. It's no big thing...when you don't have a car these things happen and you don't mind. But when you HAVE a car it's all about lets drive there!
So I walked down to the store...bought the stuff...and walked back.
Mom was "worried" that I wouldn't be able to bring back the pie, but I have my handy dandy bag! And it fit perfectly in there...with the soup of which I was afraid I was going to de-lid and have it spill and slosh all over the place.

I can't wait to get home! Maybe I'll drop by the library today and drop off some books. I still want to copy a few so I may do that too.
Uhm…what else?
The KD was this weekend. First Saturday in May...x amount of years and dad still doesn't remember that..
Arriving at Palo Alto! how many people?
Not as many as Mnt. View...oh...wait...maybe there are...
I really don't like sitting on this side...I get anxious watching the people make runs of the train.
I like how people either worry or they don't worry.
Some people run for the train and some just stroll even though the trains pulling out. You either make it or you make the next one.

Not so many people at Hillsdale; I don't feel so bad.
Although the little table cubby I grabbed is now full.
I just realized that I didn't reload my Translink.
Thank you Nancy for the money! it's the way I got home. GAH! I wasn't thinking. What can I say...I am slow.
Millbrae. Not too many people get on at Millbrae...but more than a few get off...they're going up the stairs so it makes me wonder where they're going.
Better log off...have to pack and make the trip on MUNI next.

It's good to be home!
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You know I think this whole thing is going to work out just fine. All I have to do is pay for the hotel. if I get enough snacks I won't have to pay for food. It's not like I NEED to get a  milkshake before I go to watch the masquerade or have a crappy breakfast sandwich. ALTHOUGH I might go down to peggy sues for breakfast one morning...that is if there isn't anything on the schedule I want to watch or participate in.

I think I'll skip the Anime for fans over 30 panel. last years was pretty disappointing. We got side tracked into talking about TV series for today and not about anime.

I wasn't too pleased about that. The same people showed up like they did the last time and they're the ones who like to monopolize the floor. What with thier "great" knowledge and HUGE library of anime on VHS tapes.


I got into anime through starblazers and Voltron. I didn't know what it was other than a "weird" cartoon. but it wasn't like any cartoon I'd ever seen before. I mean it's not like Salinas is the center of the's quite small and the only "culture" we have is local culture. So if you want to know anything about John Steinbeck, Field workers, or Mexicans we have got you covered.

Anime? Japanese other than the fact that the Rodeo grounds was used as a staging point for the internment camps...and that we used to have a fairly large population of Japanese people in the area...what in the hell is anime?!


The first time I found ANY information on anime was when I was able to pick up two magazines about it from a tabletop store in Carmel. the mags were in the back and in a pile. But I recognized the style and was like..OOOO!!! I WANT!

Those were my only hints of what this Asian cartoon was for quite a while.

Occasionally I was able to see other anime on TV but when you only get 5 channels.

ABC, CBS, NBC a "public" channel KICU and PBS if you twist the antenna right and stand on your head...there's not much exposure to new things.  I am slow and my family isn't the fastest on new technology. It was a while before we even got a VCR..and a while longer before a Music warehouse had tapes for rent. But once they did It wasn't too bad.

I remeber there was an anime style story about fabled horses from Wardwell Magnavox but I don't remember the name. I just was just wowed by the animation and music.

That was another thing I liked about anime. The music wasn't like looney toons for Disney..where they'd break into song suddenly The music fit the mood and action of the characters. It was rather good - for a cartoon.


We did get a few anime titles in the Warehouse but they were mostly OVA's or stuff I wouldn't be interested anyways. I was a very loyal fan of Voltron and anythng that challenged his reign was forbidden.


The ony thing that rivaled anime in the "early years" was Fanimation the production company of He-Man and She-Ra. While I liked the animation style and the way they used camera angles and music...the storylines were so kiddie.

The difference between that and say Starblazers was so clear. In my area, Voltron came on at 3 pm, then Starblazers and then He-Man. ( think...)

Starblazers had that long year long quest to get to Escandar and Back to Earth..and He-man...other than protecting Eternia from Skellator...there wasn't much to it. The only really intriguing thing was the whole Teela is the daughter of the Sorceress thing...which was never really explored.

The only other animated series that was interesting was Jem and the Holograms. Probably because I am a girl and it was all about "Music Fashion and Fame". The animation wasn't as "polished" as say Anime was but they did use the whole story line thing well as they created good believable characters.


For a while there I was content with other concerns and left Anime alone. I'd look over my magazines and say that one day I'd fine this japanse animation stuff and have a lot of t! While "having a lot of it" never quite materialized I did finally find some...and was very happy.

On a trip to Milpitas' Great Mall I found my first "manga" Lum Yatsuri Yatsura. I walked around with it and I laughed and laughed. I think my parents thought I was nuts. They didn't see why I would like this stark colorless comic book.  I tried to explain to them that it wasn't "just" a comic book and tried to get my dad to at least read it...but he just shrugged about it. He didn't quite get it.

But it fueled my quest to find more Japanese comic books.

It took me a while to gather up my courage (and to connect the dots) and go to the local Comic book store and search for Japanese comic books.


Comic book stores are not a place a girl goes. At least not in my mind...but I had some money...and so I went. The closes store though was in Monterey and if it hadn't have been on cannery row I don't think I would have gone.

But go I did and I found not only my Elfquest but a few Japanese comic books. I picked those up too and ran home to enjoy my stash!

I didn't go to the store often. Maybe twice more before it closed but one year after Christmas, I did have money to go to the local store in town. And that's where I saw for the first time Bubblegum Crash.

I bought the first 4 volumes? and then came back for the last 3 (or 4)I thought it was AWESOME!


The music just blew me away! the characters were like "Real" people! and the camera work was excellent.

If I hadn't already been a Japanese animation fan this would have converted me. It was ultra violent but I didn't mind it because it was all a part of the story and understandable/explainable.  It was down and dirty and gritty and oh so cool!


Now other than the fall down laugh until you're sick Lum and the Violent Bubblegum crash/crisis there was no in between in what anime I had. The only thing of the that style I had was Elfquest.

The thing about Japanese comics (which I still didn't know was called Manga) was that it was in black and white. But even in that format there was "color".

The large eyes, the "tear drops" on a characters head, the pock marks they didn't bother me. I enjoyed this format like I had not enjoyed American comics/animation for years.


I think  it was in a Starlog magazine that I saw an ad for my first anime convention. They had the animator for Macross Do you remember love. he was going to be there and I WANTED TO GO! But I couldn' was too far away and we had commitments.

But I vowed that one day I would go to that convention.


It took a while...a good 10+ years...but I did finally get to go to an anime convention.

My first and so far only convention is the Fanime convention. First time I went was when it moved to San Jose.

I took my BF and we went on Saturday stayed over to Sunday.

It was like..."These are my people"

And while I was like in my 30's and the kids at the con were just that. Kids. It was a wonderful community to finally connect to!


So now I go to Fanime almost every year. I didn't go in 2007 because I had a commitment...but I went the next year! I was not going to sit though 4 hours of the Graduation march ever AGAIN!

2009 will mark the 5th Fanime I'll go to. It's going to be a tight squeeze and a bit of lying to get to go. but Go I shall!!

FOUR Days of anime, manga, pockey, and otaku!

Every year I do a little something more to fit in with the kids. This year I bought loli shoes.

OMG I love them. They're a little small? large? I am not sure. 3 inch heel platforms. My first ever pair!

I don't know exactly how to wear them but I don't care they look SO KILLER with the black and white striped socks I just don't care if I break my ankle in them or not.


I may be short on tops though...I am going to take all three of my "tart" skirts. and probably the plain black pleat one...I wore that one last year to the Dealer's room.

I don't know if I'll have money to go to the Dealer's room this year...I do want a Sweatshirt/T-shirt from the con though and those run around $40.

I'd also like to try and find a messenger bag. But I think it will probably be Bleach or Naruto *sighs

Last year I went on a complete Sasuke tear through the Dealers Room and Artists Alley.

I was hoping Marilyn would come down this year but she got bad tax news and has to save save save.

Maybe next year although I seriously doubt it. She'll want to stay home with her sister's sprawg.

If I can't find a bag I like that will save me another $0 and I can spend it on something else.


hmmm a lot of people get off at Mnt. View...and walk...I wonder where they go?

Not too many of us left. ^.^

I have to remember to call Goa once we hit Santa Teresa.


Well we got 15 mins so I best wrap this up.

I am 36 turning 37 this year and going to an anime convention wearing tart skirts.

I must be insane! I hope I don't look as freaky as I think  I do.

oh well...I am still going!

I got one!

May. 2nd, 2009 06:34 pm
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So happy!
OMFG! I'll make an official post later after I calm down ^.^
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They showed up TODAY! My new Shoes! I'll post a pic when I can. but...OMG!
They are SO CUTE!They hurt a little bit and I'll need to work on them but they're really cool.
3 inch platforms and they have these little skull and crossbone tags on them. *squeee*

They go PERFECTLY with the black and white knee hi socks and the black skirt.
So I know what I am wearing on Saturday ^.^


I am packing up to go home tomarrow. I'll be there over the weekend and come home on Monday on the rockin' 168 express ^.^

better go pack...I'll write when I get home.
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So! Sunday we went to San Bruno … why? Even I am not too sure. I guess it was just an excuse to look around and not write papers or whatnot. At least on Nancy's part.

So because we wanted to leave early and Nancy had yet to do her laundry, we did laundry on Saturday evening. It wasn't busy but there were people in there..who were lazy and had left their stuff in the washers or dryers.

I washed my red top - I was going to wear that to the Career Center but I found that it was stained and so I had to wash it.


Anyways! We got up "early" and since the mall doesn't open until 11:00 we took our time and wandered off to catch the #28 to BART. Once down at San Bruno we decided to eat first then go to the mall. So it was off to Red Robins...MAN that place was B-U-S-Y! The Last time we went it was really busy too. I don't remember if we went on a weekend or not...the first time we went I think it was like on a Tuesday and it was like dead.


SO! We dropped by Ulta, checked prices on a few things.

I picked up some lashblast luxe for the con. I dunno. I wanted something that would make my lashes longer and curl them but I also wanted the glitterines of the luxe…so I dunno.


I am thinking about doing the Lauren Luke Avril Lavigne look. If I can get it onto my mp3 player I'll take it with me to the con. I'd love that look for one of the plaid skirts.


Mentalshiver also had a tutorial on a red and black goth look that I really liked too.


Then we wandered off to Target and BOUGHT the things we saw at Ulta for way less. lol
Since I bought Nancy two (or three) nail pens, she bought me a pink backpack! YAY >.>
Yeah I nancy is like "I can't belive you wanted a PINK one!"
It's small..."made of a woman". I like it. I can fit everything into it. AND the keyboard..AND the camera AND my journal AND pens AND a sweater AND all the other odds and ends I take with me. So I am happy!
We also picked up more traveled sized stuff.  Face wash, lotions, wipes things like that. It adds up though! oo! this is .79 cents! and this is .,70 cents! and this is .50 cents! 
Get up to the register and you've spent like $100!

There wasn't much at San Bruno we wanted so we just went through it and then came home.


Later on that night after watching a few more tutorials Nancy agreed to buy the 74 palette from Coastal Scents! Yay! Shadows to play with!

I broke down and ordered the 13 piece brush set. *wahhh!*

AND I also bought those shoes at Street-moda  >.<


Oh well…


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I can't believe it, we did it again.
We went down to Serramonte mall and shopped and shopped.
why do we keep doing this?!

They say that everyone has a shop-a-holic in them somewhere. I have one I guess. it's small and very reclusive and comes out on warm days.

We mostly bought travel sized stuff to go places.
Me, mostly moist wipes and toiletries. We also got a few snack things. Goldfish and cereal and candy individually wrapped.  lord...OH and Nancy got a little carry igloo thing. it's nice! I may be able to take some cold food and/or soda with me and keep it cold.

Tomrrow we have plans on going to San Bruno to do MORE Shopping! yay!

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Today we woke up early and set out for the Great Mall in Milpitas!  This involved a MUNI trip to Balboa park, then hopping onto a Fremont bound train. Then catching the 180.

We weren't in any hurry so we took our time and wandering around and peeked into this store and that store. We even took the puppy out more than a few times.  She was excited too, she got to play a little bit and explore new grass.

Anyways, we looked at shoes and I bought some socks and gloves for Fanime and a small purse to take money in. And then we looked at MORE Shoes and glassware and then MORE shoes and a few clothes and we ate and we looked at more shoes and then took the puppy out and back into the mall for more shoes!

Surprisingly we didn't BUY any shoes. >.>
I wonder what went wrong there....meh!
Nancy didn't find anything to take with her back East but that's not to say she didn't get things. She bought things from Bath and Body...DAMN THAT STORE! We go in there knowing we'll get into trouble but we just can't seem to NOT pick something up! GRRR
I was rather good. I only bought a travel size of the Energy Lime scent and a travel size of shea butter body lotion. WHEW!  I also got a free signature collection show gel in Honeysuckle.  Nancy wasn't so lucky...Things just flew off the shelves and hopped into our shopping bag. Nancy was able to toss like 4 things back but the rest were carried to the registered and paid for by a crying Nancy.

Nancy bough tme kettle corn. thank you nancy! and then we looked at more shoes....
I am looking for some platform sneakers. I saw these canvas sneakers over at DSW and I tried them on..and while it felt a little wierd being so high up, they were pretty cool! I didn't BUY them however and I bemoan the fact every day that Fanime creeps closer and closer. They would have been PERFECT With my skirts. and so comfortable! BLAH!

Anyways...I think we walked around the mall 3 times - had dinner at outback steak house and then came home. lol
We got back around 9:30 pm...I am beat!
So I am gonna have some tea and go to bed!

Dunno what we're doing tomorrow. I know what puppy is doing tonight....SLEEPING!

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I've FINALLY gotten Deepest Sender to work! I messed up with it when I installed it months ago and that just totally blew it's little java scripting.  But that's okay it's up now and I am happier. This will make posting easier no having to log out and go back around and do jumping jacks or anything....

Okay so what have I been up to?
absolutely nothing.

It's 28 days and Fanime is right around the corner! I am SO GOING! I'll steal back my CC And go!!!
It's the one indulgence I have and I Really enjoy it. So I am 36 years old and like to wander around watching anime and hang out with others who are either total fanboys or AMV watchers or cosplayers. I just really enjoy Fanime and look forward to it every year.
My one Dark spot is that I have no money to pay for it....and no job because the market up here is so picky choosy right now. They can be because so many people are looking for jobs. So they can just pick and choose whoever they want.

Apparently I am not pickable. It makes me feel sad. *emo tear

I need to go on a diet. I am getting too fat because I am not doing anything. I keep eatting and not doing enough exercise. My "large pants" fit now. @.@

Tomorrow Nancy and I are heading to the Great Mall to go look around. I think we'll be taking out time and just wandering here and there. We are leaving early and catching the BART and then VTA.

Other than Fanime...I don't have a new obsession. *sighs....I need one. lol
I need something to get excited about!!!  Right now I just feel so. . . BLAH!

I wanna get a new cell phone but I am not eligable for a new one until September. >.<
And then I can get it for "Special pricing!"

Can't think of anything else right off the top of my head...if I do I'll write now that it's just a click away.

DFTBA and Best Wishes!!!
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I don't know if this really counts or not…but it's troubling to me.
Okay I live in CA (SF) and uhm…there have been some "interesting" things going on since the spring of 2008 but I didn't say anything because I thought it was a one off. But uhm things have happened within the last two weeks that make me think maybe it wasn't.

Okay let's go back in time…
The place I live is an apartment complex owned by a University. (and if you're in SF you probably can figure out where I live with that little clue :P)
Anyways since it is University owned the school has their campus police canvas the area for security reasons. Which is good because there have been a rash of car break ins. (A teacher who lives at the complex got his car broken into 4 time…it's pretty bad)
So the campus cops drive around the front of the apartments and the back around the car ports.

So one night a campus cop sees these two guys and I don't know what he though but my roommate went out to potty her dog…and I was watching her through the window, which was open, and I hear: "Get your hands up!" and "Lay on your stomach! Put your hands where I can see them!"
Well that got my attention and I can see from my window barely because of trees and bushes and things two guys and a cop.
Now one of the guys is speaking loudly in English: "He's my brother! He speaks Spanish!"
The cop is speaking forcefully in English, this guy is protesting in English and the guy who is now on his knees speaking a mile a minute is speaking Spanish.

I've never been in a situation where a cop tells me to put my hands up and lay on my stomach so I have no clue what goes through your mind…but I think compliance would be first and foremost. If it's true and this guy did not speak English and therefore didn't understand the instructions what happens next truly worries and troubles me. Because it was so stupid and preventable on both persons parts.

So the guy who speaks Spanish isn't getting on his stomach. Campus Cop is getting edgey and louder and I think frustrated.
The "brother" isn't helping by now yelling that the Spanish speaker is his brother and that he speaks Spanish.
Spanish guy is now on his knees with his hands in the air I think trying to explain himself in Spanish (I don't speak Spanish and even if I did he was speaking so softly I couldn't understand what he was saying)
Campus Cop TAZERS the Spanish speaker. He goes down in a twitching smoking pile.
His Brother yelps: "OH MY GOD! NO NO Please Stop."

By this time FOUR MORE Campus Cops have shown up AND Two City cops AND Three Fire trucks and an ambulance.
The Campus cops ride around in pairs…so we have 12 campus cops, maybe 3 city cops, a long fire truck with the swing ladder (you know the guy drives in the back?) and two short fire trucks.

Now my question is: 1) Why didn't the "Brother" try to explain to the Spanish speaker IN SPANISH What the cop wanted?
And 2) Why didn't the Cop try to get one of his comrades to help TRANSLATE?
Did Spanish Speaker really need to be Tazered?

The "Brother" once Spanish speaker went down jumped to his feet and edged off to a car to get something out of the glove box. While the cops all converge on Spanish speaker who is now moaning loudly and rolling around on the ground in extreme pain.

The conclusion to all this is that the cops and the ambulance people are then "arguing" over who takes the guy in?
Do the ambulance people take him to the hospital and get him treated? Or do the cops take him because his wounds aren't that bad?

Then late in the Spring semester there was a situation where two campus cops stopped a driver of a Cadillac and told him to get out of his car. In fact they blocked him in.
I dunno what he did…but what caught my attention was that he was African American.

And then in the Summer there was another traffic stop of an SUV which was driven by an African American and they had everyone get out of the car and had them "wait" on the sidewalk while they…did whatever they were doing or searching for.

There was a "domestic dispute" just downstairs where maybe 6 to 8 campus cops showed up. That little incident is in my other blog…
The couple who were "fighting" were African American

Sunday the campus cops stopped another SUV with one guy and his girlfriend/wife in it at around 9 am in the morning. The guy was African American and before you know it he was told to get out of his car, they handcuffed him and had him sitting in the cruiser.

And then last night…a cop and I think this one was City cop not campus…boxed in a truck which doesn't belong here. I think the guy was either visiting or dropping something off. Anyways the cops were here for almost two hours! Voices carry - the guy had no license so they impounded his car. A tow truck shows up…they slap cuffs on the guy and put him in the cruiser and tow his truck.
The guy was Hispanic.

Okay, I am SURE that it's not as bad as these few examples….but maybe it is….I don't know.
I am not African American, and I am not a guy but I am brown. It worries me. I don't want to say that they ARE Racially Profiling but they might be.
And who would I tell? It's a complaint, think. Stop picking on people of color! Although I don't know the circumstances of why they are stopping people and pulling them out of cars.
I am frustrated because I think I should say something but I don't know who to say something to. How to say it, and I think the thing is I don't want to get into trouble.
I don't want someone to pat me on the head and say: Don't worry about it…it's for your safety.
And I don't want to get all combative in your face about it. Maybe there's a situation or larger picture I am not seeing. But what I am seeing makes me jittery and nervous and very uncomfortable and I don't know what to do or what to say or who to say it to.

Okay! I feel a little better…I just have to vent sometimes I think.

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Okay! Well it's January 2009.
Nanowrimo was in November (2 months ago) and I did not participate.
I tried it in 2007 and FAILED big time. lol
I got around 6k words in 6 days...I was so far behind I dropped out. School did not help. I am not good at doing three or four high stress things at once so for my own sanity I uh...*clears throat

Jump forward to 2008!
It kind of snuck up on me and I was just like: I have nothing. So I am not going to participate this year.

And then November passes and I kinda wished I had participated. However!!! I maintain that November is a sucky month for taking on such a large Project. You have School with mid-terms and papers and stress and Martha Stewart and starting art projects and getting shopping lists together for December and getting your food...and I am gonna quit now because I a working myself up again.

Anyways!! I came up with a YA series idea around Halloween. I began watching scary movies ON Halloween (yeah I know) and came up with this idea.
And you know how ideas are they kinda just...bubble and squeek and gestate and kick you in ribs every once in a while and when they're ready they pop out.
Maybe not fully formed but yeah...
So that's what happened with this idea. It wasn't ready for 2008 Nano. Honestly after I put it into the incubator I kinda forgot about it.

Uhm..New Years Eve my best friend says Happy new year and lets get started on that story idea!!

And I was like...what? What story?

And then I remembered that I had told her about it when she came down from WA To visit. I didn't really realize that she was really listening to me blabber on and on about this weird idea I had. And after I had you know, put it out there into the ionosphere I as like: "YAY! I feel purged!" and totally forgot.
Some author I am.

I really haven't written anything in a while. I can come up with ideas but actually getting my butt sitting down in a chair and working is quite a different ...yeah.

SO! Arra tells me! Let's write this thing!
And I began to get excited and if you haven't figured it out now, I am OCD. So I began researching wildly not so much my subject matter, because it is a collaboration and I want this book (or series of books) to be as much mine as they are Arras. So I am having to adjust my wild compulsiveness to just WRITE and wait for Arra to get back to me with her ideas of where she wants this to go.
I love seeing other peoples ideas; I feel like all the responsibility isn't on my shoulders and I am really bouncy right now.

I think it's driving Arra nuts. Lol

She has her own life, and I am going to have to adjust to that but I think I have things set up in a way that we can collaborate well. Where we can get our drafts uploaded and pass them to each other and be in sync.

So that's what I've decided to go forward with this year. A new project which will be BASICALLY A Nanowrimo but not in November >.>
Agent Query says that a YA novel is around 142 pages and 40-60k words...
Looks like we're doing a Jan/Feb Nano. As long as Arra gets back to me with the characters we're working with! I left that up to her.
Since we are going to be working with Teens and tweens and I want her to feel that this is her project too, I am letting her do a lot of character development. Mostly of our main group of 5 characters.

I'll try and keep you posted on our progress or lack thereof.

I am so excited and a little scared. Seeing at Nano in two months is - - it makes me giggly. But then again lots of things make me giggly!
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Dumb Dumb Dumb!

I just saw a couple of really stupid kids.
They aren't really kids…but when you do what they did...yeah you can call them stupid kids.

I was sitting in the living room waiting for the water to heat when I hear this sound like a slap or a belt strike. And I am like..What the hell! I get up and move over into the kitchen to try and see anything. I can't but I do hear yelling. But I can't see who is yelling either.
But they getting louder and more profane as time goes on. I dunno how long it lasted..maybe ten minutes.
Lots of male yelling: So it's all my F*cking fault?! It's all my F*cking fault! It's always my *blankity blank fault!
And the girl screams back: You broke my hand!
Then she did a smart thing...she walked away. But then he screams and yells at her to come back..and the stupid bint COMES BACK!
*shakes head in disgust

Then theres some screaming about talking with other people while with her. And Him saying stuff about her keeping time with other guys. And Her saying stuff like…oh you gonna throw that in my face? I didn't do nuthin! I had the opportunities but I never followed up on any of them. I am not the one who has been talking to this other Female for months! (have I mentioned I hate it when ppl use male and female if not look up the blog post)

Meanwhile he's jumping up and down and slapping his chest and carrying on…what in the hell did they expect?
OF COURSE Someone is gonna call the cops!
And I swear they all showed up. The only one who didn't show up was the K-9 cop. I am putting this into a book!

I think the first guy to run down was a State campus cop. I think he drew his weapon. I tried not to lean out the windows not to be spotted I am very ninja'ie that way!.
Anyways! All the cops and they put the guy in hand cuffs while he and his lady (uh huh) are all SHOCKED! SHOCKED That the cops have showed up.
What in the hell did they think was gonna happen with him going about being like a silverback gorilla and her crying her eyes out.
And then they'zs all offended that someone cared enough about her well being to call the cops!
Like duh!~ What did they expect was gonna happen?!
This neighborhood has been relatively quite the past two years here. This is first real big blow out of this sort we've gone though.

Then they were all like: We were just having an argument! Which they were…and I don't think he put hands on her. But she should have kept walking and let him scream and yell. Then he wouldn't be in the back of a cop car…and she wouldn't be out there talking to the cops and being all "oh my god this is so embarrassing. " and "oh my god…who do you think you are to stick your nose in my business"
Well honey! If you don't air your Buizness in the freaking PUBLIC no one would have called the cops! Pwned!

So I think they're taking him away and she's gonna…do whatever it is girls in this situation do.
And don't glare at me like that! I didn't call the cops…I was going to…but like I said I don't think he put hands on her. If he had I would have called then.

Just another wonderful day at the Wonder Cave!


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