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I am whining!

I shouldn't whine because I am on Official Nano Target. I have 21,671 words. yay

I WANT 22,670 tonight for Thursday. *sighs

My problem is I've run out of scenes. Well, no I think I might be able to work on the lunch room scene and the one where Colton is picking on Alejandro.

I wrote the one where Alejandro "introduced" himself.
And the one where Grace see the Upper school uniforms for the first time. uhm...but other than that I am tapped.

I have a list of things, conflicts, for Grace to overcome but I haven't worked them all in yet.

Yesterday I tinkered a little bit with the Climax. I need to figure out how I want to get rid of the Shadow creature.
Do I want to kill it or just banish it?

I also need to think up a name for Grace's after school tutor.

I've also come to the decision that Stone is gay. The tutor will be his lover. But none of that will be explicit in the story.
They'll just be "good friends" >.>
yeah...I don't know how far a publishing house will let me go when it comes to that sort of relationship.

For Day 12
Official Nano Word Count: 20,004
My Desired Word Count: 22,670

For Day 13
Official Nano Word Count: 21,671
My Desired Word Count: 24,670

I am not going to be here Saturday. I have to go up to SF, so I might miss a day. I need those extra words!

I BARELY have 21,037. So I am short of the Nano goal by 634.
What to make those 634 words be...?
I don't know.


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