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hello there! Hello there!

I am in a pretty good mood considering.
I decided to toss my hat into the ring and am participating in Nanowrimo this year.
It's going pretty well.

Last week I yo-yo'ed a bit off the back. Would do my word count and then be behind 600 words or so on top of the 16667 that was required to keep on track. But I stuck it out. Even fought through not writing on Nov 1st (I wrote 4163 words on Monday to keep up) and just staying at the Word Count through the weekend.

And then Monday something weird happened. I decided that I wanted to write 2000 words! I've been fighting to write a bit of a word cushion so that I could take a day off sometime in the future. It is November which means we'll be making tamales this month for Christmas Eve.

My natural inclination is to write late at night when it's dark and the house is quiet. Everyone (Read: my parents) are tucked away in their rooms and everything is settling down to go to sleep.
This is when I am naturally at my most creatively productive. Thanks to quiet time I've been able to keep up with the Word count. Not surpass it as of yet, but at least I haven't fallen behind.

So Monday instead of writing 15003 words I wrote 16250 words. Today I am shooting for 18670 words all together. If I am able to keep up the pace of 2k words everyday I should have my 50,000 words done on Thanksgiving.
"Dear God, I am thankful for finishing Nanowrimo early! Thanks for the food."

Will it happen? I dunno. I probably will take off two days - Tamale day and Thanksgiving - but it could happen. I am looking forward to it.
Earlier during week one, I wasn't as fired up as some of the nano'ers. There was no bursting out of the starting blocks. If it wasn't for the fact I felt like crud on Sunday the 1st I would have probably just typed up my 1667 words and called it a day. I HAD to type of 4k words just to keep up. the next day I typed up 5,048.
Wednesday I went up to 8382.
Thursday I didn't do anything
Friday I had to play catch up and go up to 10002 then stopped. Saturday was breeder's Cup day I don't know if I did anything much that day.
Sunday...ah lovely Sunday I had 11,677 words when it was all said and done.
on the 9th, I jumped up to 16250 at the end of writing.
So today on the 10th the goal is for 18670.

Today also is the FIRST Smack Down at The Cube!
The Salinas Library has decided to pump up the excitement of Nano by creating a writing space at the library for us struggling writers.
They are also providing us with literary bloodsport! ^.^
Today we are invited to the First of 3 Nano Literary SmackDown Events @ 5 pm at the Lirary, followed by a Nano Meet and Greet from 6 to 8.
Our Chief of Police will challenge the Assistant City Attorney to 30 mins of writing in "The Cube".
So we'll watch the letters fly as they trade literary barbs... I
Whatever it should be fun!

I am not doing anything right now...the house is too noisy. Too bright and my arm warmers (my writing totems) are drying on a line outside. So I am not prepared to write, right now.
I'll pack up and head off to the library around 4 or so, get a good seat. *snickers

I hope that if you're doing Nano this year that you're having lots of good luck and having fun with this.

I am fortunate that the 'rents have been very supportive of my writing endeavor. Thanks Rents!

Okay I'll write more about Nano and my "dreams and aspirations" regarding it later. I'll even share my opinion about the "cool prizes!"

Best Wishes!
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