Jul. 8th, 2010

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Well not really. Actually its Thursday but I got paid today.
This morning Mom and I went to the newly opened Super Wal-Mart that just opened down the road. It replaces the old Wal-Mart that is closing to be remodled. The place is huge. Unless its something really special I don't antisipate going often. The parking lot is just too small for the amount of ppl who shop there. Fortunatly I guess, its open 24 hrs. . .

In other news, I was selected as a Beta tester for FFXIV! so excited although i dunno if my current rig can handle it. I'll have to talk with my computer guy and see if i can upgrade my system.

I'm sure there is other news...I have still to do my write up of Fanime 2010. It was a great con and i had a ton of fun and bought lots of stuff. Happy days.
I want to try and go to yaoi con but its so far away...maybe. I'll ask the rents. I have to pre reg soon. weekend tickets are 55 dollars right now.

well its almost 7 p and i gotta go to bed. gotta get up in 7 hrs or so. work.
chat you soon.


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