Nov. 2nd, 2009

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Hello there! Hello there!

I am the proud author of 4,000 + words! yay!
I am rather puffed up proud of myself. I didn't write a single sentence (complete at least) on Sunday. I got back from the World Fantasy con feeling like I had caught a cold or something. My sinuses hurt and my throat was scratchy.
I've been downing Vitamin C like it's going out of style.
The good news is that my sniffles are being held at bay. and the Better News is that I made up the 1,669 word count and caught up to and surpassed the 3,334 day two word count!

SO, tomorrow the goal is to hit 6000 words and be ahead of the 5,001 word count.
I think I can do it.

Wednesday is a write-in in Monterey. I've been meaning to go but like I said, I am a germ carrier right now, and I thought I would be nice and not expose my fellow nano'ers to my icky bugs.

The World Fantasy con was...interesting.
It was an "Adult" con. The Thrum was very much different than Fanime. I like the fanime exuberance better. I love books, and really enjoyed the panels.
It was nice to see Naamen and meet so many new ppl.
I may try to go to another one sometime. We'll see.

Okay I am done I think, I am going to poke at my story for a bit. Truth be told I think it's crap but as long as I produce I guess I should be happy. It will all work itself out I am sure as we go a long.
I do sort of feel that I've lost my plot. I know it's there's just getting buried under all the: And then Grace did this. And then Patty did that.
I guess...I am just "building" right now.
I was hoping to get all of this "set up" Stuff in chapter one but I might have to break it up into two chapters and introduce Stoney in Chapter Three...*meh!
Oh well he may make more of an impact with a delayed entrance.

Okay off to bed.


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